A Pomeranian Rescue Story: Puppy Mill Survivor… Rose

By on December 16, 2013

222347_541510445878082_96025831_nMy furry baby Rose was a puppy mill survivor whom I fell in love with through fostering for a Pomeranian and Papillon, small dog rescue known as South Paw Animal Rescue. Rose, without a doubt is an Alpha Pomeranian even though she is a girl… everyone knows she’s The Boss, even us humans.

She wound up coming to me as a case of happenstance. Me and another foster parent had to switch fostering our Pomeranians due to them also having an Alpha Pom… two Alpha’s don’t make a comfortable Pommy environment the two Poms went at it night and day. So the switch was on.

546905_514478505247943_1142521008_nRose suffered in a puppy mill until she was offered to us as a  foster… she was a sight when we got her, she was completely matted over almost all of her body and was in needed of Veterinary attention.

Despite the harsh treatment of puppy mill life and being bred for her puppies and having them ripped from her, she is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met… I couldn’t do anything but fall madly in love with her. I fostered Rose for about a month when she got an adoption application, I then realized I couldn’t let her go, a symptom of fostering… but in reality I knew that she should be mine. I couldn’t let her go… our bond was too strong.

427309_486079731421154_1146286011_nThrough fostering for our rescue, fosters have first say in adopting a foster dog and determining what home is the right fit for them, with that I called the rescue owners and ask if I could adopt her… and they agreed, there was no better home than mine for my little Rose.

Rose was adopted on 8/24/08 and has been with me ever since, I adopted her at the age of 7/8 and couldn’t be more happy to adopt my puppy mill survivor… Also stay tuned because I am officially adopting her future pommy sister from our rescue Monday. So expect another rescue story.

– Submitted by Julianne Panobianco

Sasha Barsuhn says:

where is one in Atlanta Georgia

Pommy Mommy says:

Where is one what? A Pomeranian Rescue?

Rose looks just like my rescue dod Cuddlesmarie! i need to send a pic..

Chelle Connely says:

I rescued my Sophie in August from Recycled poms in Dallas/Garland & she is the best friend I could ever have! I adore even her stinky kisses….the problem I am having is that I cannot find any socks for her to wear. Her little feet are ALWAYS cold!! Any suggestions??? Thanks & MERRY CHRISTMAS! !!

Rita Fryer says:

Try baby booties. Some of them for infants have no shaped heel and are made of flannel or fleece, so they should stay on fairly well.

Pat says:

I adopted a Pom 6 years ago and love him dearly. Been trying to post pictures bbut my computer skills are still in learning how to type. I think I adopted him from you his name is Bear and he had been hit with a bat or something..The people who did it were arrested..Nothing like a Pom love them.

Pommy Mommy says:

We’re not a Pomeranian rescue we just love Pomeranians. We are so glad you rescued Bear, though.

Judy Martindale says:

Beautiful work. How do I find Pom Rescue here in Burbank CA. I have a very beautiful little girl Pom who would love a sister we can spoil & love. Ideas??

Pommy Mommy says:

If you’re in Burbank, CA you will want to contact the Southern California Pomeranian Rescue at: http://www.southerncaliforniapomeranianrescue.org/Contact__SCPR.html They don’t have a phone number listed but if you email them they will get you the information you need to get that little sister for you girl furry baby.