Boo the Dog has nothing on Little Sophia

By on February 22, 2012

boo the dog

When it comes to ultimate cuteness Little Sophia exudes it just by being. As she demonstrates here even when she’s sleeping it’s impossible for her not to be cute. When you think about all the hoopla related to Boo the Dog you take a look at Little Sophia and have to think twice about why Boo is getting all the attention.

I personally believe that all Pomeranian’s should be thrust into the spotlight, including Boo the Dog but I know that Little Sophia is the “Real Representative of Cuteness”.

Sophia isn’t a pure Pom but I think that the Chihuahua in her  enhances the cuteness quotient by at least 110 percent… I may be bias though… but it still doesn’t take away from how cute she really is.

Boo the dog

Little Sophia wrapping herself in a King Size comforter.

One of my favorite things in the world to do is set Sophia down on the bed and see what mischief she can get into. Sometimes she’ll just go to sleep as you can see from the photo above or she’ll decide to wrap herself up into a blanket.  I’m still not sure how she does it even with me watching her.  She digs and then wraps… it’s the funniest little performance.  I will definitely have video of this process in the future.

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Loretta Aguillon says:

You are so right,, Boo has nothing on Sophia,, cute as he is, just seeing her pic makes me wanna hold n cuddle her. So I pick mine up n give extra cuddles and kisses. Boo would be much more handsome without the puppy cut, natural like his friend Buddy, he’s gorgeous to

Audrey says:

Little Sophia is even more precious if you know her story. She is a million times better now then when we first met her, when she could barely hold herself up and was SO scared of everything because of what those… people did. She shines and breaks your heart in the same smile. I love you Little Sophia.

brittany says:

she’s so cute!! THAT FACE!