Do Your Pomeranians Go Everywhere with You?

By on November 6, 2013

Pomeranians on the Las Vegas StripIf you where in Las Vegas and hung out with me for a minute or two, you would know the answer to that question is… absolutely, yes!  Although I love my 5 furry babies; Yoki, Little Sophia, Mika, Luka and Niko, I think my husband secretly likes to take them with us where ever we go… but he is most likely “pleading the 5th”.  People look at a “rough and tumble” type guy pushing a Dog Stroller overflowing with Pomeranians and seem to always have this bewildered look on their face. I watch them looking at him and just have to laugh.

It’s amazing to see Luka and Niko literally dart for the door in anticipation when I get the keys for the car… and Mika just starts pouncing and jumping up and down. It like a feeding frenzy with no food.  If they were big dogs I would need a new door to the garage everyday… Luka and Niko push on the door with their paws, on their hind legs, like they are going to push it down… it’s hilarious.

Waiting Patiently to go for a RideWhen I can get past the 20lbs of dogs and get to open the door, they run out and abruptly stop by the car door and all three in unison wait patiently for me to open it. By the way Yoki and Little Sophia will have nothing to do with this craziness. They’re just too cool… and just stay on their blankies or dog beds with a look like, “I can’t be bothered”.

Helping Pommy Mommy mail Treat of the Month Club TreatsAll three Pomeranians have their own pillows and places that they love to sit. When they are all strapped in with their harnesses, Mika will stand up on her hind legs and watch all the cars go by “her” window, Luka looks straight out the front but he can barely see over the console. Niko is the “Prince of Everything” so he just sits there majestically, legs crossed and watches my husband and I as we drive to our destination… every single time I look back, I have to smile. He is just so cute!

Pomeranians Shopping at Home Depot Some of their favorite places to go are the Post Office to mail the Treat of the Month Club Treats and goodies we ship out, Red Rock Canyon (when it’s cool), Home Depot, the Fashion Show Mall and of course The Vegas Strip.

If you take your Pomeranians everywhere with you, please leave a comment below and tell me where your favorite places are to bring them. I have many International Pommy Mommies out there and would love to know where your furry babies get to go.

pomeranian lover says:

I adore Pomeranians… I do not have one yet…. but can someone tell me if they are hard to take care of… are they expensive? Are they easy to feed and etc.? I would really enjoy an answer if you can!!

elisa says:

My pommy Lil Dude (AKA Mr Fox)loves to go bye-bye! In fact his favorite word in the English language is “bye-bye”, even more than “cookie” or “posh posh” (potty/walk)! His favorite place to go would be to visit “dada at work” (aka the hubbs). He gets SO EXCITED when we pull up, turning circles, smiling and pulling me to the entrance! My husband actually moved offices recently and I had never visited, and didn’t know where to go. No fear, Lil’ Dude led the way! He is such a smarty pants!

Deborah Ellis Doss says:

Here where I live in Georgia I can’t take Prancer most places. When I go to visit a friend I take her. I drive her around just for the heck of it and if I go to the store to get gas or a quick 1 item thing (with the doors locked and the air or heater on), she Loves it.

Amanda says:

Where I live, it’s hard to take my Dogs places, most stores don’t allow Dogs. If they come, it has to be a day when we’re going for a walk. But, when Charlie was an only Dog, we’d sneak him in to every store in his little black bag, it was quite fun!But once we got Brandy (15 pound nervous Pom mix) we stopped doing it. But as we got older my best friend and I used to rl

Amanda says:

To take Charlie on to the city bus and sneak him into stores in his black doggie bag, but after a few trips my mom stopped us from doing it, thinking I needed time away from the Dogs. I still miss those days
But, every once in awhile my best friend and I will go into town (driven there usually by my mom) and walk one of the Dogs around town-no bag, thoigh-

Amanda says:

No bag though- and take the Dog into the very few Dog friendly stores.

angelic autrey says:

My baby goes to the post office with me.

Trip's Mom says:

Our Pomeranian, Trip, goes pretty much everywhere with us. I have a black “poochie purse” that I carry him in. Since he is also black, you can barely tell he’s in the bag. It is very rare that anyone ever takes a second look at the bag because it doesn’t look like a dog carrier. I take him in the grocery store with me, the home improvement stores, farmer’s markets, and on vacations. He’s been on planes, trains and in automobiles. Loves to ride on motorcycles. He even tried to get on a boat once, but it was not ours! lol.

When I open my laptop bag to go to work, he jumps into the bag and doesn’t want me to go. I would take him to work, but I wouldn’t get anything done, so he’s stays home with daddy. He truly is a “porta-Pom!”

Claudia says:

I have a camouflage stroller for my two little boys. People might wonder why are they walking instead but if you have a long way to go it comes in handy. I haven’t tried taking them to the stores. I am not sure if they would allow it but it seems like if they are in a stroller it would be less of a problem. I take my boys out for walks too because it’s good exercise.

cindy says:

i take my 2 poms everywhere i go…they go to saint martin for 3 weeks every dec ..they go shopping with me all the time ..they love it…as soon as i get dressed they jump in there bags ready to go they are the best i love my chloe and snowy so much

Kristen says:

My pom Chester comes to work with me everyday. He sits on the front mat at the entrance and looks through the glass doors at all the tenants passing by! 🙂

Pommy Mommy says:

It’s awesome to be able to work with your furry best friends. I don’t think I could ever work for someone else… because I would miss them so much.