Jerky Treats Recalled is your Pomeranian at Risk?

By on October 30, 2013

waggin-train-5oz-chicken-jerky-tendBy now it is old news if you keep current on the news about pet food and stuff we put into our furry babies bodies but I wanted to right a quick, hopefully, blog post to all my Pommy Mommies out there that may not have read about the Jerky Treats recall.

For over a year now certain activist groups have been petitioning the FDA to have a mandatory recall of 3 specific brands of Jerky Treats that have had pet owners and Veterinarians concerned. Up until Sept. 24, 2013 those concerns seemed to fall on deaf ears until the death toll of dogs who ate these so called snacks had risen to nearly 600 and 3,600 have gotten ill with such problems as kidney failure, gastrointestinal bleeding, and a rare kidney disorder. About 60 percent of cases involved gastrointestinal illness, and about 30 percent involved kidney and urinary systems with no real explanation to why this out break has happened. Some of the remaining cases that were reported had various symptoms, such as collapse, convulsions or skin issues.

CCR_ChickenTenders_01As you know the Pomeranian digestive system is quite sensitive and could easily be compromised from just regular table scraps with disorders such as Pancreatitis. Skin conditions in Poms are also something that is common place. I’m not one to cry wolf but this is a very real concern for dog parents but more so for Pomeranian parents.

We love our furry babies and I know I love to give my babies treats just like you do for being good boys and girls. I personally made a commitment many years back now to give Sophia, Yoki, Mika, Luka and Nico only Natural Handmade snacks so they are safe but some of my Pommy Mommies reading this may have fallen prey to the deceptive advertising that Nestle’/Purina ( Waggin Train & miloschicken-300x300Canyon Creek Ranch), Del Monte Corp, (Milo’s Kitchen & Chicken Grillers) Publix Stores (Chicken Tenders Dog Treats) and IMS Industries (Cadet Brand) have created to make you think that these Jerky Treats were healthy using words like “Natural”, Genuine, “Fat Free” to lure you in.

If you have any of the treats pictured in your cupboard please throw them away immediately and have your Pomeranian checked by your Vet if they are showing any the symptoms mentioned above. The FDA has asked that all pet parents that have fed their babies these treats and they have fallen ill please contact them at:

If you ever want to give you Furry Babies treats that you can be proud to give them, don’t forget Pommy Mommy’s Treat of the Month Club 


Victoria says:

I used to feed Peanut the Waggin Train jerky treats a few years ago until I saw the recall. So scary to think that could cause so many problems. I haven’t seen any of those health problems in him, and I didn’t feed them to him for very long. I have learned how important it is to really be cautious about their food and treats! It’s really appalling to see some of the ingredients in these foods and the damage they can cause.

christine says:

This has become a huge deal in the vet world. We haven’t seen any related issues at our clinic but the numbers of effected babies is so sad. I’m glad to have this knowledge and natural treats I can trust. Thank you from myself and Bandit 🙂