Meet Yoki our Youngest Pomeranian Rescue

By on April 25, 2012

After Maggie’s sister Shieka passed (not to be morbid) I took Maggie with me EVERYWHERE! I even felt guilty when I had to leave the house to run a small errand. Maggie always had Shieka with her everywhere she went. They were two peas in a pod! I felt it was my duty to find her a friend to play with in our Pommy Mommy home. Even though no other Pomeranian could ever replace Shieka I wanted Maggie to have a playmate… and I think secretly she wanted on too.

Back to I went.

New Mexico it seems… has a large supply of Chihuahua but no Pomeranians.  I searched all over the website for at least one Pomeranian or Pomeranian mix but to no avail. I expanded my search and went to shelters, looked in newspapers, even called the local humane society to see if they knew of a Pom that needed a new home. No luck, so I went back to and searched outside of New Mexico. I searched for Pom’s to rescue all over the U.S.A. Let me tell you how many Pomeranian’s there are waiting to be rescued in the United states… thousands!!! On an average day, on alone, there are 350,000 animals that need a home… just a little FYI and a rant. It’s my blog. I’m allowed.

Yokis Original Picture

I came across a cute little dog named Twitter. I clicked on her picture and thought, “What a cute little Pommy!” She was just a little girl weighing in at 5lbs. and was 5 years old. The link on said she was in Kokomo, Indiana at a rescue for “Smaller Paws and Pomeranian’s” I contacted the foster mom and told her that I would love to rescue little Twitter. I also told her that I’ve rescued Pomeranian’s before and I could fly out and pick up Twitter (still not sure why they named her Twitter) that week. We talked on the phone and sent emails back and fourth. I was happy to be able adopt her because most rescues won’t allow you to adopt out of the state.  (Let alone half way across the country!) However, the foster mommy knew that I was experienced in rescuing and caring for Pomeranian’s so she said she felt very comfortable with the adoption.

So… two days later I was boarding an airplane with an empty dog carrier. It was quite humorous walking through the airport with nothing in the carrier. People would constantly be trying to sneak a peek expecting to see a dog or even a cat but to their surprise there was nothing but a pink blanket.  After the long flight I arrived in Cincinnati, Ohio, where my parents live. My dad picked me up at the airport and off we drove to Kokomo, IN to meet the new addition to the Pommy Mommy household!

Before I left New Mexico, I was trying to think of a new name for this cute little bundle of fur. Twitter was a cute name (o.k. maybe not),  I just knew I didn’t want my new little girl to be named after some social media experiment! I thought her name should have meaning. I came across the Japanese name, Aoki, which means “free spirit”. So I decided in the spirit of being “free” to call her anything I wanted… Yoki might be a great fit.

Pulling up to the mile long gravel driveway, I could see a large log cabin with lots of green grass and land… an awesome dog playland.  The foster mom and her pack of foster dogs greeted me at the door and exclaimed to her son, “Twitters new mommy was here”. He ran off disappearing into the pack of dogs pulling out what resembled a puff of fur … and handed that puff of fur to me. She was so small and at first she was a little shy… but slowly she warmed up to me and nuzzled her little nose in my hand.

Playing a Game with Treats!

Playing a Game with Treats!

Her shyness was explained to me through her rescue story…  Yoki was found in a breeding trailer, with several other toy size dogs. The dogs were kept in cages at all times, and their only job was to make babies. They never saw the outside world, they were never able to play in the sunshine or on green grass. The evil witch… ummm,  I mean… woman, who owned the breeding trailer full of dogs had a fortunate… I mean unfortunate, Stroke. That very same week the woman’s husband went into Cardiac Arrest… talk about Karma!. Since both husband and wife were hospitalized there son decided to bring all the dogs in the trailer to a shelter… and the shelter notified Yoki’s foster mom of the new Pomeranian arrival… lucky me!

My dad and I drove back down to Cincinnati and I decided to stay the night with my precious cargo. Yoki was up before the crack of Dawn and seemed like she couldn’t wait to get on the airplane back to New Mexico… but obviously she could because it didn’t take her long to fall a sleep… not one did she bark or even make a peep… and woke up the second we landed in Albuquerque.

When we got home I introduced Maggie and Yoki to each other. They sniffed and circled around each other wondering what to do… it was like they were doing the Tarantella.  To this day Maggie is the leader of “The Pommy Pack” Yoki always looks to her for reassurance… it’s so cute and human like. If I give the girls a new treat they’ve never had before, Yoki waits until Maggie eats it first, just to make sure it’s safe.

Yoki is now a very happy girl living at the Pommy Mommy Home. I’m still teaching her how to “play” being locked up in a trailer she didn’t understand how to have fun or play with toys. However we work on it every day, and she is much happier living the good life! Ahhhh Vita Bene!

Thanks for reading Yoki’s story as to how she was rescued! If you enjoyed this story or have a similar story please leave your comment below!

Joanne Alford says:

Thank you so much for all the kind words. I love rescue and every single little paw we ever touched! Homes like yours inspire and enable us to re home over a thousand little ones in previous years. We continue to reach out to help those we can..Warmest regards, Jo n The Smaller Paws Gang!

Lisa Marie Hale says:

I adopted the sweetest little girl from the same place. My little fur baby was named Miracle, but we changed her name to Kizzie. She is a playmate for a little boy named Kinga. Little Paws & Poms is wonderful! Our adorable Kizzie is so precious that I can’t imagine how anyone could give her up, and I’m so thankful that we’ve been blessed with her as she has graced our lives with love.

how do you get those lovely little bows to stay in her ears?

Missy freaks out and scratches out those clip in ones 🙁

OMG this story just warmed my heart….Missy came from very similar conditions, GOOD on you for not giving up on your search for this lovely little girl <3

Kimberley Kerlin says:

Awwwww! So sweet! Yoki and your other Pommy’s are so lucky to have you as their Pommy Mommy 🙂

Elizsol says:

Very inspiring 🙂