Play Time With Your Pomeranian

By on May 9, 2012

One thing all dogs love to do is play! Play time can be running through an agility course, a visit to the local dog park or as simple as playing in a box of packing peanuts that the delivery person just brought to the front door! As you may know, all the Pomeranian’s at the Pommy Mommy home are rescue dogs.

Every dog that I’ve had, came into my home not understanding how to “play”. Rescue dogs usually don’t understand what dog toys are for because they were never introduced to toys as a puppy. Most rescue dogs are just locked up in cages, and never played with. I’ve been taking the time to teach the Pomeranian’s how to play by doing many different activities. Almost anything can be turned into a toy with my girls!

One night Yoki and Daddy were on the floor and Yoki decided it would be fun to play “tug of war” with dad’s shirt! This was her first official “play time” that she actually played with an object for more than 5 minutes. They ended up playing for over 45 minutes!


Other ways I teach “play” is to put a wrapping paper tube in front of a doorway that the girls have to cross over. The goal is for them to check it out by sniffing it first. Once they sniff it I praise them and give them a small treat. Once they jump or step over it they get rewarded again. By doing this activity with the wrapping paper it is stimulating  the Pomeranian’s thinking process!  This activity can also be done with a cardboard box. Just make sure the dog can’t walk around it. They must walk on it, then the next day open the box so it creates a tunnel. This way they are made to walk through it. Your Pomeranian may not understand this at first, make sure to help and encourage them through the process.

It’s so rewarding to be able to teach your dog something new that they enjoy. Play time is a great time for you and your Pomeranian to bond and have fun!

Wanna play hide and seek Pommy Mommy? I hide, you come find me!



kathleen says:

we just got our puppy pom, for christmas he has had some health issues since we have gotten him. he does like to play. but when he plays he likes to chew our hands feet and arms. i know this is normal puppy play. any advice would be awesome. first time owning my baby. he is truly a joy.

Pommy Mommy says:

Read all the blog posts on Pommy Mommy and be very patient with your puppy. Pomeranians are very smart.

Myah says:

If you want to get him or her to play you have to really want it. My pup runs faster than a cheetah. I let him out and he ran and didn’t stop. So just get him or her to get active.

Amanda says:

My Pomeranian does not play, he’s almost 6 years old and only likes to sit on your lap getting pets and pats. My Pomchi plays, but he’s very independent and prefers to play either alone or with my Pom, but usually my Pom does not want to play.

My Dogs are also a type of rescue, my Pomchi is a real rescue (was rescued from a Dog hoarder), my Pom was just re-homed by his original owner.