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pommy-mommy-modelHi Pommy Mommies,

If you are like me, I can’t see a Pomeranian in need, helpless or abandoned… So, I am always looking for Pomeranians to help and find homes for… I am always getting questions on my Pommy Mommy Facebook page and Contact Page regarding where to find a Pomeranian Rescue. So, I decided to put together a directory of Pomeranian and Small Breed Rescues segmented by state and sometimes city area, if there are more than more in the state.

Are you looking to rescue a Pomeranian? I have gathered the very best collection of Rescue organizations pertaining to Pomeranians and small breeds. Look for your corresponding state and click on the appropriate link to get started finding a brand new furry baby to take home and spoil rotten.

If you have a Pomeranian Rescue or know someone that does and would like to be listed please click this link.


Whole State – Recycled Pomeranians Schipperkes Rescue



Central Ohio – Central Ohio Pomeranian Rescue



Northern Oklahoma City AreaAll 4 One Rescue

Southern Oklahoma City AreaGroovy Paws Rescue



Central PennsylvaniaPawsitively Pom Rescue



Dallas/ Fort Worth Area – Recycled Pomeranians Schipperkes Rescue

Houston – Recycled Pomeranians Schipperkes Rescue



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