Pomeranians with Bad Breath?

By on November 1, 2013

Pomeranian with Bad BreathDoes your Pomeranian have bad breath? Bad breath is any dog is nasty but in a Pomeranian it seems to take on another side of nasty. Let me explain. You go down to the rescue and pick out the cutest Pomeranian and fall madly in love with him or her. They are so cute and you can’t wait to pick them up an give them a million kisses… when you do, it hits you like a slap in the face, Pommy Stinky Breath. You stand bewildered by how that much stink can come out of such a small dog… that’s how it was with our 31/2 lbs of absolute cuteness, Little Sophia.

On the way home from picking her up from the rescue in Indiana, I was on the plane giving her kisses and was overwhelmed with “stinky breath”. I was almost a little embarrassed for her but then I snapped out of it and realized she doesn’t care about her breath… I do.

When I got home I took her to our Vet in Albuquerque when we lived there and explained about Sophia’s breath… when he finished laughing, he explained that many rescue Pomeranians come to their new home with bad breath because of dental problems, bacteria build up/tarter or bloody gums. Because of Sophia’s age (10) I was a little leery about putting her under for an operation so soon after I adopted her… and the truth is I didn’t really trust our Vet at the time.

las-vegas-sign-wh-bgMy husband and I decided that Albuquerque wasn’t the place for us and moved to Las Vegas where we got hooked up with a great Vet and approached the breath subject with her. This time we received some great information; she explained that unless she had unusually sweet or fruity breath (which isn’t bad breath) and was drinking and urinating more than usual then it wasn’t a concern for Diabetes. If she didn’t have breath that smelled like urine she didn’t have Kidney disease… and unless she was vomiting, stopped eating and had yellowish color in the white of her eyes she didn’t have Liver problems.

Sophia getting checked out by VetWe deduced that it was just her teeth and the negligence of her previous owner for not taking her in for regular dental cleanings. Our Vet did all the proper blood work and ruled out any preexisting conditions such as heart problems that could create a hindrance while she was under. She passed with flying colors and went on to have her Dental… $450.00 later and hole in my husbands wallet Sophia was absolutely kissable.

Some after care suggestions that our Vet gave us were:

  • Make sure to go to your Vet (Duh!) for regular check ups
  • Ask your Vet to check your Pomeranian’s teeth and gums during every check up to monitor if there is tarter build up.
  • Make sure the food you give your furry baby is of high quality and easy to digest.
  • Now this is nearly impossible for Sophia but, try to brush your Pomeranian’s teeth everyday with toothpaste specifically formulated for dogs
  •  Give him or her hard chew toys that are Pomeranian appropriate to allow them to be cleaning naturally during the chewing process.
  •  Make sure the treats you give your baby aren’t  filled with garbage and have been well researched.

photo (2)Keeping to this very easy (except for the brushing daily) program, Sophia is a breath of sweet smelling kissable cuteness and has done well at every check up. Please keep in mind that this is what we do at the Pommy Mommy household for Sophia and your furry baby may have different reasons for their bad breath. Please consult your Veterinarian before exploring this option.

jurate says:

Your Sophia is such a cute little Pom….I have little Pom girl too , hers name is Sacha .she is 5 years old now, we get her when she was 12 weeks. From the day when I got her I clean hers teeth every night, I would say she even like that …..she never had bad breath and she don’t need professional dental cleaning yet….doctor cant believe that I do clean hers teeth every night, but I do …..and hers teeth is perfect…it takes only couple minutes of my time, but I enjoy hers little kisses all the time….

Denise says:

I just recently joined your site and am reading some of the past articles. We have 2 poms with the stink breath. Darla is very easy about letting us brush, but it seems somewhat daunting at times because she’s our resident “chicken” about everything. Our other, is Shelby and trying to brush her teeth is like a sporting event of endurance. She’s not aggressive at all (thankfully!), she just likes to make it more challenging than necessary! (if only dogs had logic…the easier you make it, the faster it goes). To best describe what she does is, in essence, puckers her lips so trying to get to her back teeth is like wrestling. My husband holds the girls to give me a little advantage–but UGH. I want to do it daily because I know its important, but its tedious. I recently found a line of dental cleaning products put out by Nylabone. I actually bought all 3 to try… a tartar removal foam (that gets squirted onto their teeth/gums), toothpaste/brushes, and a another type of spray. I’m hoping they will make cleaning their teeth less daunting! 😀

mallory graf says:

Hi… same thing happened to me with my first rescue Pom. His teeth were black with rot and the smell was horrible. Worse was he couldn’t even eat, we took him to the vet and they said $1200 dollars to pull teeth out. We went to SPCA who did it for $600.00 and of course the vets were great. Jojo the Pom was so happy–he had his molar teeth still-but most importantly he could eat w/o pain and smelled oh-so-sweet! He passed away 5 years ago and I now have another rescue pom (Cricket aka wiggle monster) and his brother a chi mix Ziggy. I made sure as SOON as I got them to start a tooth brushing schedule. They are now 6 and 8 years old respectively and our vets are always thrilled to see our dogs teeth. No gum problems and great teeth esp. for the pom as our vet says that people are really bad about brushing small dogs teeth.

I have been wanting to go on you-tube to show how I do it(I get many calls from friends asking me how I do it) but really who has the time–here is how i brush my boys teeth–hope it helps.

First of all, buy liver or chicken flavor toothpaste for dogs–expect to spend 5 to 7 dollars-but so worth it. Must be said to NEVER use people toothpaste-very bad for our doggies.

Second-no need to spend too much money on doggie toothbrush-I use a child’s toothbrush on each dog. Safeway or dollar store have them on sale for a buck or so. The are perfect size for dog’s mouth-also each dog gets their own toothbrush. Hygiene is our friend 🙂

3. This I think is the most important part–always brush their teeth after their daily walk. Make it part their routine-as soon as we get in I get wet paper towels-clean their paws and stinky areas and then brush their teeth. I don’t take off their leashes until after teeth are brushed. Consistency is the key point with brushing dogs teeth. If they are lying about at home and you all of sudden whip out a tooth brush w/ a gleam in your eye–you will be running after your dog and doggie will associate toothbrush with playing-not good.

4. Once teeth are brushed-I take off leashes and kiss and praise them for being such good dogs. Then they get a treat and off they go to their bed pillows.

Do I brush their teeth every day? Well-I work 40 hours Mon-Fri so I use the early morning for their grooming but yes I do… the thing is, once you start brushing their teeth everyday you will for sure know when you don’t.

I do believe that brushing your dogs teeth is Super Important-plus nobody wants to be around a dog with a stinky mouth—
Good Luck!

Pommy Mommy says:

Thank you so much for this awesome information. This is why I love writing my blog, I get to have people just like you to share their stories.

Linda says:

Enjoy reading all these reply’s. We have a new Pom, her name is Melinda. She is 3lbs. and 3mth. old. Didn’t start with her teeth yet. But I’m planning on it. Had a Pom before so I know all about the teeth and bad breath. But she also started with kidney failure. But were blessed to have her with us for almost 14 yrs. God Bless you all and your Poms. They our very special breeds in my book. I just love them.

Pommy Mommy says:

Thank you for reading our blog posts… and yes these furry babies are an awesome breed.

Jennifer Weiner says:

Great article and I can so relate. My little Coco had the same problem with very bad breath. He would never ever let me brush his teeth so he had lots of tartar build up and some of those teeth just had to come out. He just had eleven extractions and doesnt have many teeth left but his bad breath is all gone. So $700 later The Vet and I think it was the best thing for him. Maybe not for my pocket but all that matters is my Coco is better. Besides, its better to get rid of those bad teeth which can cause heart problems for them later in life. Now if I could just figure out a way to get him to let me brush his teeth….

Pommy Mommy says:

Thank you… and good luck with trying to brush your baby’s teeth.

Helene says:

I loved this article!!! She’s so lucky to have you and she’s so beautiful,too!!!

Pommy Mommy says:

Yea Little Sophia is a 3 1/2 lb bundle of joy.

Your cutie is so lucky to have someone like you to love her!! You are right about the importance of brushing daily. Certain breeds are more susceptible to gum problems due to lack of chewing hard things or anatomy. I would always recommend a Vet checkup and then maintenance. Be careful not to use some of the flavored toothpastes because they may have added sugars in them. Also it is very helpful to add a Pet Oral Hygiene Solution daily to their drinking water. I Am a Registered Dental Hygienist and a pet rescue advocate. I love your article. If you have any questions my website is http://www.oxyfresh.com/oxyfreshhealth/pet

vernon davis says:

Our Pommy also 10 also had bad breath we took her to our Vet who told us she had many problems, 7 bad teeth, a tumor, a herneia and stones in her kidneys she came through and although her tumor was cancerous she is doing fine, we are now 1,000.00 poorer

Pommy Mommy says:

Sorry about the $1000.00 hit to your wallet and hope your furry baby feels better.