WormX™ Natural Plant Derived Pomeranian De-worming Formula


The key to this de-wormer is plant based extracts that have a salt based protein, which acts as a modifier that can either enhance or breakdown and destroy the pathogenic (bad) protein molecules found in worms, protozoa, fungi/yeast, bacteria, virus… This is a catalytic break down of the chemical bond and  kills the parasites,worms, protozoa, yeast / fungus, bacteria and virus.

WormX™ destroys the pathogenic proteins leaving good cells to remain healthy which stops the propagation of worms, such as ringworm, whipworm, tapeworm,  roundworms, hookworms and heartworms. In other words… good bye Giardia, Coccidia, Parasites, Pathogenic Bacteria, Virus and Yeast/Fungus etc. and the great part is that it does not destroy the beneficial micro-organisms (flora and fauna) of the digestive system.

Most commercial de-wormers are chemical poisons which have to be processed by the kidneys and liver but not mine, it is easy on the body and targets the pathogenic elements that are making our Pom's unhealthy.

PRECAUTION: My De-wormer will kill heartworm if the dog is infested. However, if the dog has heartworm it will kill the worms and the dead heartworms can clog up the heart, which could kill your Pom. So if you are using WormX™ Natural Plant Derived Pomeranian De-worming Formula, make sure your dogs do NOT have heartworm. When in doubt, check with the vet and get a heartworm test done prior to worming. If your dog has consistently been on a heart worm preventative it should not be a problem, but seek the advice of your veterinarian.


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WormX™ Natural Plant Derived Pomeranian De-worming Formula

Pomeranian and Small Breed Dosage:

1 CC/ml (18 drops) – per 10 lbs body weight.
Give 5-7 days repeat again in 7-10 days, then give it every month for 1-3 days for prevention, if needed.

Pomeranians Under 10 lbs – use a 1 CC syringe and dose 1/10 of a CC per pound of body weight. Example: if you have a 3 lb Pomeranian, you would give them 3/10th of a CC daily for 3 – 5 days. Repeat again in 7-10 days then give once a month as a prevention, if needed.


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