Rescuing a Pomeranian… a gift of love

By on December 21, 2013

IMG_0629There’s a joke about rescuing dogs, “I don’t know who rescued who” and I have to tell you every day I live with my 5 furry babies I count my blessings. As most of you know, I’ve always wanted Pomeranians ever since I was little… and since I lived in the country… that was “knee high to a grasshopper”. In this season of Joy and celebration I wanted to write this post because I feel like I’m the luckiest person alive. I believe that every Pommy Mommy should celebrate the ability to have the opportunity to be a parent to what is the greatest breed of dog God gave us.

photo 1 (3)With that being said, rescuing the greatest dog breed is an absolute gift of love. It is amazing how much abuse and turmoil I can imagine my furry babies have gone through and all they want to do is play and be loved.  This is “The Boys” (Niko & Luka) and Mika’s second Christmas with us but in a different house, but in a different house. Last year they were just getting their bearings and becoming orientated with our old house… and then we decided to up and move to a much larger one… because of the whole 5 Pomeranian thing. Each Pom has their own rituals, quirks and way they run around the house… every single one a present filled with Joy every single day.

photo 3 (1)We rescued our “Pile of Poms” as my husband likes to call them to give them a better life, just as you have with your Poms. The only problem with that statement is that I truly believe that they have given us a much better life. If you knew my husband, you would know that he loves what he does and has a passion for building businesses. Sometimes that passion photo 2 (2)has him working in to the wee hours of the morning in his third floor office… and Mika and The Boys are there making sure he takes a break from his work. They scratch his leg or jump by his chair to grab his attention, so he could stop and play with them… he just laughs and takes a much needed 20 – 30 minute break. You can just see the peace in his eyes when he is playing with them. It brings such a smile to my face.

photo 1 (2)Yoki and Sophia usually stay with me down in the Pommy Mommy office or in the kitchen waiting for something to drop when I’m making treats, or human food. Both of my girls give me the inspiration everyday to become a better Pommy Mommy and make sharing my passion for Pomeranians a great adventure. I have so much fun looking all over the world for cute or beautiful clothes, accessories and fun toys for them to play with or try on… and they always look so adorable as my Pommy models. I feel like a little girl every day.  It’s hard to ever imagine these furry babies were abused, neglected, left for dead or put on “Death Row” at a kill shelter.  If they were like people, I think I would have tens of thousands of dollars in therapy bills… but no, I have the most loving Poms anyone could ever ask for.

So please, this holiday season join me in celebrating the gift of love that our Pomeranians give us, there is no better Joy than being a Pommy Mommy.

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Janae Snyder says:

Very well written blog post I love it. I love the family photo at the top, I love how your husband has the boys and you have the girls in the photo 🙂

Pommy Mommy says:

Thanks for the compliments. They have him wrapped around their little paws… yep it’s girls against the boys. 🙂

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Elly Seiple says:

Hi there! I just rescued my Pom June from the shelter.. She was a stray. I just couldn’t imagine that someone wouldn’t search the whole world for her. She is such an angel, a darling gift! She gets along great with everybody and loves my bordercollie mix, a rescue as well. I love what you are doing, and wish I could have 5 poms too! Merry christmas to you and your babies!

Cindy Slabbert says:

Hi there, I am over in South Africa and have rescued 9 of my 15 pomeranians. All are spayed and neutered and one was even spayed at 15 years old. She is now 21 years old. It is amazing how much love they can bring to your life. I hope you have your 5 for many more years.

Pommy Mommy says:

Thank You so much… and thank you for rescuing your Poms.

Amy Murrills says:

I’m so glad you do what you do I just can’t believe people would abuse these small dogs. If it wasn’t for a friend of mine I wouldn’t have gotten into liking pomeranians before my mom had toy poodles. Ever since I met my friend I have always wanted a pomeranian. I adopted all of my poms none of them were abused. I have a cousin Nancy who lives in Nebraska she has friends who have a pomeranian they tell he doesn’t like people very much but he took to me right away. I think they are very smart. They are always happy when you come home from work no matter if you had a bad day.

Peggy says: