Sneaking your Pomeranian into Forbidden Places

By on December 4, 2013

IMG_2808I know I’m going to get into trouble here, but I love my Pomeranians so much I want to take them everywhere.  Mika and The Boys… which I wish I could form into a Country singing group, love and I mean really love going for rides in the SUV. I talked about it in a previous post but they get so excited they jump on each other to get out of the vestibule that leads to the garage. They run and wait very patiently (O.K. I’m exaggerating a little bit, what Pomeranian is really ever patient.) at the back passenger door.

My husband lifts them up one at a time so they can orientate themselves and get their place before we start moving. It’s hilarious. They do all this and then we still have to strap them in. They don’t get it but we still let them do it because it is so entertaining. Yes, we live in the Entertainment Capital of the World but are still entertained by our Pomeranians getting into a vehicle. Don’t judge me.

photo 1This is all the prelude to going to the many stores, casinos, resorts and just regular supermarket trips we go on. Don’t let my big burly husband fool you… he’s the one figuring out ways to sneak them in. He incorporates scare tactics, slight of hand, distraction… anything in his little bag of tricks to get Mika and The Boys into a place that has a sign “no dogs/pets allowed”. The bigger the sign the bigger the challenge. (Just to be clear… at no time are our furry babies in any danger)

We were in Smith’s, a local Grocery Supermarket owned by Kroger Co., the other day at about 10pm we’re walk in pushing the Pet Gear Stroller, I think we have now made famous… walk right by the self-checkout woman… she smiles, gives an “Oh, how cute look” and let’s us pass. There we are shopping, picking up sourdough bread, and other organic stuff, about 15 minutes into our shopping… now mind you we’ve been doing this for the past 3 years that we’ve lived in Vegas, and a guy comes out of no where, stocking shelves, to tell us that he doesn’t think that the store is pet friendly. 007I say O.K. we’re going to the checkout. We head to the checkout and the girl their can’t stop cooing and making baby noises, wanting to pet our babies… telling us how cute they are and she wishes her husband wasn’t allergic… and so on.

Our favorite places to take Mika and the boy’s are Best Buy, Fashion Show Mall (and every store in there), Town Square Mall (where they say they are pet friendly but none of the stores “allow” dogs) and the Post Office when we deliver Pommy Treats and Pommy Boxes. We wanted to take Niko into a Garth Brooks concert, (because he’s a huge Country Music fan) but Garth discontinued his residency at The Wynn. You snooze you lose… I guess.

Have you ever snuck your furry babies into a place that didn’t allow dogs… if so where?

Veronica says:

I have to laugh; because back in 1995, before “purse puppies” became popular, my Pomeranian, Jake, used to go EVERYWHERE with me. He’d just get in my purse and go with me — bank, store, restaurants, etc. He was always well behaved and quiet. I miss him so much. Teddy, my little Pom LOVES to go for a ride in the car; but hates to be hidden, so it’s not so easy to take him places incognito. 😀

Heather says:

I take Brutus everywhere but grocery stores and restaurants. The hardware store clerks coo over him the most, one store even keeps a bag of treats behind the counter, they are very pet friendly. Other than the above mentioned I completely ignore the “no pets allowed” signs for stores. Now I did go to a craft show where they would not let me in with him…danger to the stitched rabbits and wooden hearts I guess. Anyway I just turned around and left. Unless it is cool outside and i am only going to be a min or two I do not leave him in the car alone

Shannon says:

I’m a Pommy Daddy and my CUJO just loves to go for rides !! I have taken him into walmart,cvs and Kroger inside my jacket with his little nose sticking out ! Not very many people even notice him but when they do they fall in love with him !!

Maricela says:

Me and my baby girl, Emmie, are rarely seen without each other! She goes inside the bank with me, to get my pedicure, Home Depot loves her, she loves “people watching” at the car wash, she’s gone to a karaoke bar to hear her daddy sing, indoor and outdoor malls, she even saw and met Matt Nathanson when he was playing a small venue in San Francisco!

tracy says:

I’ve snuck mine into

Elisa says:

I take my Lil’ Dude (yes, that’s his actual name) everywhere, and I mean everywhere! From doctors appointments to the DMV, hotels, etc… I’m lucky to live in LA, where fluffy babies are pretty widely accepted… Except places that have food like grocery stores. Annoying. But this doesn’t stop me! He is very accustomed to low profile “bye-bye’s”, he knows the drill and hops right into the pommy purse and lays down to peek outside his “window”! In fact, “bye-bye” happens to be his favorite word, even more than din-din (dinner) or yum-yums (treats)! We are planning to adopt a brother or sister for him soon, but I worry that 2 poms would be too much to handle on bye-bye’s; I guess I will have to get a stroller! 🙂

Ashley salinas says:

I’ve taken my little Mia to the mall all the girls loves her in sephora nobody said anything about her not being able to be there. I mean she was in a pet carrier so I’m pretty sure they thought it was my bag lol I mean it is pretty stylish lol I need to try more places lol

Poco's Mummy says:

I sneak my pom, Poco, in most everywhere. The only place I haven’t tried is a movie theater, but I don’t think he’d really like that. I’ve taken him to lectures at school with more than 1000 people (and he sits in my lap while I take notes), into corner stores, liquor stores (on-going battle – official policy is not allowed, due to glass on floor, so I constantly carry him and most of them are too distracted by his cuteness to remember the rules). I’ve taken him to malls (he peed on a pillar…oops), to a concert (they dedicated a song to him!) and many other places. I love this game, I am so glad there are other pommy mommies doing this 🙂

Kristi Tanner says:

I hate when I take Bear in a store, like at an outdoor outlet mall, and people say rude comments and give me strange looks. My pom is 6 lbs, stays in my arms and does not touch the floor. I also hate when we go through a drive thru and the person who takes my money and says he is vicious and is going to attack her, all the while he has a huge smile on his face. It’s not like I’m walking and carrying a 100lb dog around…

Chelsea A says:

It’s better to ask for forgiveness than it is for permission in these cases! Your little pups are not aggressive and they are in their stroller not touching anything. I don’t understand why more places aren’t dog friendly!

Fluffy's Mommy says:

We took our Pom, Fluffy, with us on a road trip this summer. We were very disappointed to learn that most National Parks are not pet friendly. However, he still managed to see Mt Rushmore and and make friends with prairie dogs in North Dakota.