A Pomeranian bonding with our baby

By on October 13, 2015
A Pomeranian bonding with our baby

Today touched me like no other day. This time of year is my favorite usually, but last year around this time I had to deal with so much sadness. Little Luka passed without warning, Mika died of kidney failure and my little princess Sofia died just before Christmas. So last year pretty much sucked and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

This year on the other hand has been very exciting. Being pregnant wasn’t really what is was all cracked up to be but I did get the greatest gift God could ever give me in my baby son, Giovanni. Watching him grow is a wonder unto itself… he is now 3 months old and is every bit his father’s son, stays up late, eats like a horse and cries like a 3 month old when he’s hungry. A regular chip of the old “Rocco”… did I call him old?

Being Pommy Mommy is a fun, crazy adventure everyday now. I thought that with all the Pomeranians I used to have, it solidified my crazy life… not even close. When you mix in a 3 month old human baby, a puppy mill survivor and a furry prince, everyday is like Christmas. So went today.

My business schedule works around baby Gio’s feeding schedule most of the time. He’s literally a growing boy and eats like his full grown father. Unlike his father, who eats and goes to work, Gio… eats and goes to sleep. Allowing me to go back to helping Pommy Mommies.

A Pomeranian bonding with our babyWhile baby Gio was sleeping in his swing today, our furry baby Yoki decided to have a little Pomeranian bonding moment with him. Over the past 5 years we have taken Yoki from a skittish, scared little puppy mill survivor to now, the Alpha among the small pack that we have. All that patience paid off, her curiosity is now guiding light. With Baby Gio there’s a lot of curiosity to go around. Most of the time Yoki stays away from the now teething, bald, center of attention… but today was different. Today she wanted to know more about this growing human that actually sounds a little like her at times. When no one is around she likes to sniff all of his things, like blankets, burp clothes and even stinky diapers… ok, maybe not stinky diapers.

Now, out in the open while Gio was swinging, Yoki got on her hind legs and placed her paw on Gio’s arm and sniffed it. She kept herself standing for what seemed like a very longtime while I called my husband down to witness what was happening. Yoki kept her paw on his arm and eventually placed her head over her paw, all while Gio’s swing was swinging. I don’t know who had more patience, us or her.

I look back to all the therapy, changing of foods, diffusers, more therapy, barking that sounded like terror screams… 5 years later Yoki is taking the lead and has the confidence now to be the Alpha with the curiosity of a little puppy.

EnzymX-trans-skinnyOne of the biggest changes my husband and I have seen in her confidence is when we started feeding her the antioxidant enzyme formula that has now become my ENZYMX™ Antioxidant Formula. It seems that in combination with her raw food diet, the enzymes have a calming effect on her brain. She doesn’t get as rattled as she once did when the doorbell rings, people come over or when other dogs bark. Just seeing her interact now with baby Gio, I am so glad we came up with my EnzymX Antioxidant Formula

My little Yoki’s Pomeranian bonding experience has taught me that never giving up, taking the time and the determination to keep striving forward with good therapy, good food and real nutrition… great things will come.