A Pomeranian Spa Story: a Trip to Ten Thousand Waves

By on March 20, 2012


This is by far one of my favorite videos of Maggie and Shieka before little baby Shieka died. My boyfriend and I go to a beautiful Japanese Style Spa in Santa Fe, NM called Ten Thousand Waves every Christmas. When we started going we would bring Maggie and Shieka there since they were and still are very pet friendly… and very generous with dog treats.

Each little Japanese bungalow had it’s own backyard area… and every time we have gone it snowed. This time back in 2009 Maggie and Shieka couldn’t wait to get out in the snow and begin their little ritual of digging around in the snow and barking like they were Christmas Caroling.

Every time Shieka saw snow… it was her job to paint it “yellow”. So the first thing she does, is pee… almost on Maggie’s head. Maggie of course is dressed in her beautiful pink hoody jacket because she can’t be seen outside without proper attire… little Miss Winter Wear!

I wonder if before we rescued Maggie and Shieka if they always wanted to be Eskimo dogs when they grew up because they just love to play in the snow. This is one of the most entertaining videos of just two little Pomeranians playing in the snow like they were digging for dog treats.