A Pommy Mommy Rescue Story “Mika the Pomeranian”

By on December 7, 2012

Today you’ll be reading part two as to how our new rescue Pomeranian Mika came to live at the Pommy Mommy home! The blog post right before this one is the beginning. So if you haven’t already checked out the first part of her story, please do so by reading the previous post about Poppy Seed.

If you’re a tea drinker like me, pour yourself a cup and cozy up with your Pomeranian(s) as you read part two of Mikas journey!


Meet Mika

Meet Mika

I will start where I last left off. With our “cliff hanger!” Here’s the last paragraph from the previous story.

The day my husband and I went to visit Poppy without the dogs I spotted a shivering shaved Pomeranian locked up in a her kennel with two other “cage mates” She looked at me and I looked at her and I could tell she had an old sole. Her eyes were so sweet and loving. We asked if we could see her and the people who worked at the shelter said that at this time she was not up for adoption because she had just had major surgery. She had 17 teeth pulled and her coat was in such bad shape they had to shave her. We were told to come back next week and she should be ready for adoption.

We went back to the SPCA the following week and as soon as we walked in the door the employees knew that we were there to see Mika!

-I will pause here and let you know that when Mika was at the SPCA she was know as Baby Doll! I’ll talk more on how we came up with her name later on-

When they brought Mika up to us she was shaking a little bit, but that soon went away when I sat down on the floor and let her check me out. My husband and I had brought the girls with us to see how they would all get along. We took the two girls out of the dog stroller and let them down to sniff and

Sweet Eyes!

Sweet Eyes!

check each other out. Upon meeting each other for the first time, they were all very lady like and dainty! They very politely sniffed each other and were all wagging their tails! This went on for about 10 to 15 minutes! We knew in seconds after Mika and the girls met and all got along so great that she would be joining the Pommy Mommy Pack! My husband and I sat down

The first time I saw Mika!

The first time I saw Mika!

to fill out paperwork for Mika while she was getting ready to go! (She had to go and pack her little suitcase!)

We found out that Mika was saved by the Nevada SPCA along with 3 other Pomeranians from a high kill shelter in September! The other Pomeranians were younger and healthy so they were rescued right away. As for 10 year old Mika, she had to have a total of 17 teeth pulled and she had to be spayed, however upon being spayed, the vet found out she already was. The vet also found out Mika  has a level 5 heart mummer that she will be on medication for the rest of her life.

Yoki "teaching" Mika how to bark at the park!

Yoki “teaching” Mika how to bark at the park!

My husband was turning in the paper work for Mika and a woman named Maria came up to me and gave me Mikas medication for her heart mummer and was telling me where her medical records where so we could have them transferred over to our vet that we use. She seemed to know a lot about her time here at the SPCA and I asked if she was the one caring for her. She said she was, and I can’t tell you how thankful I am that someone so sweet and loving was watching over little Mika until she was ready to come home with us.

Mika had returned from packing her suitcase and was all ready to go home! Thinking about that moment still gives me butterfly’s! Mika had spent almost 2 months at the SPCA and who know’s how long she was at the kill shelter for. Obviously not that long or she would not be with us here today. I always wonder where my rescue Pomeranians were and what kind of life they lead before they come to there forever home.

November 28th 2012 was the day Mika got to go home! Maria and Mika are very close so Maria carried Mika out to the Pommy Mommy car and handed her over to us there in the parking lot. We drove home and Mika did very well in the car! She was wagging her tail and had her tongue sticking out while she was looking out the window the entire time! She was very curious as to where she was going. A short car ride, and we were home. We brought Mika to the backyard as soon as we got home. We let her know that this is where she needs to go potty. Yoki and Sophia made sure to show her how it’s done. 😉

Mika enjoying the Nevada parks!

Mika enjoying the Nevada parks!

Yoki and Sophia have been doing great at teaching Mika the ropes of the Pommy Mommy home! You can tell by the way they all hang out together that they truly do love each other! Since we rescued Mika, we have taken her to the park where she can sniff, play, run and learn how to be a dog once more!

As you may have noticed from her photos, Mika is all shaved! I believe that she was so heavily mated and full of nasty things in her fur that they had to shave her once she was taken from the kill shelter. Mika stays in style and loves to dress up in her sweaters and pajamas to keep her warm! It doesn’t matter what kind of clothing I put on her, once I do, she starts to get very happy by wagging her tail and doing a “lets play” bow. She is a very playful girl and I think she may just be teaching Yoki a thing or two as to how to play. For those of you who don’t know, Yoki was a puppy mill dog and was pretty much scared of EVERYTHING when she first came home. She’s adjusted well in the past two years she’s been home. She’s even showed Mika how to run at the park!

Mika getting ready to ring her bells to go potty!

Mika getting ready to ring her bells to go potty!

Besides our weekly visits to the neighborhood park, Mika enjoys snuggling up at my feet in my office. (Yes, she is here now as I’m telling you her story. As well as her sisters!) She also likes to be a helper in the kitchen when I’m cooking dinner or baking Pommy Mommy treats! You would think that by having 17 teeth pulled it would be difficult for her to eat, however she LOVES the Pommy Mommy treats I make her and the girls because they are so tiny! Just the right size for her to enjoy.

Mika is a very smart girl, and will do just about anything to get a treat! From the first day I brought her home I’ve been teaching her how to ring a bell to let us know she needs to go potty. If she rings the bell she gets a Pommy Mommy treat. -I’m going to be posting a “How To” on teaching your Pomeranian to ring a bell later this month.-  In less than a week, she knows how to ring the bells that are attached from a ribbon to the sliding glass door to go potty!  Yesterday I was working on my computer and all of the sudden I hear the

bells and she’s standing at the door!!! I was so happy that she picked up on this so quickly!

Because Mika very rarely barks I knew that “potty bells” would be a great idea for her. That’s right, she doesn’t really bark that much!

She was here for two whole days before I heard her let out one single bark! She spotted a big dog from the back yard, who was running with his owner on the sidewalk in the neighborhood.

We are thrilled to have Mika as a part of the Pommy Mommy Pack! She fits in perfectly and brings us so much joy!

*****Special Thank You*****

Big thank you to the Nevada SPCA who took the time to save Mika and and even bigger thanks to Maria!!! You are amazing and I can’t thank you enough for taking care of her during her time at the SPCA! 

 Thank you to all of the warm wishes welcoming Mika on the Pommy Mommy Facebook and Instagram as well!

P.S. Mika is Japanese for “Beautiful Smell” and/or the number 3. She smelled so sweet and pretty when we went to meet her! Even her breath smells sweet! 😉 She is also the third member to the “Pommy Pack” So her name fits her perfectly!

Talia says:

How sweet I want her

Jerri Lynn says:

Pommy mommy,
Such a beautiful story it brought me to tears! I will hold my kil Rinoa tight just thinking how awful peoole can be to poor lil animals. You are a wonderful caring person to take in these amazing girls. You are there angel because you saved them and gave them the one thing any dog wants and thats love and someone to love them back. Am very glad to have found this site and to be apart if the pommy mommy family. Keep up the great work! Those girls of yours are very lucky to have such great parents!

Kelley says:

Thank goodness for people such as yourself!! I just adore Pomeranians. Can’t comprehend how anyone can deny their cute little faces or their extreme fluffiness!

Shelley says:

sweet story! Our little girls, Ellie & Layla are like sisters and love each other so much! They even “tattle” on each other every now and then when one does something they are not supposed to do – but very rarely! I often wonder if they remember where they came from and the trauma they may have endured. They are so happy now and so loved – I can’t imagine not having them with us! and.. we never wanted any dogs! and now have TWO!

Cynthia Shearer says:

Mika is so adorable 🙂 that is so awesome that she learned the potty bells so quickly. glad to hear the girls are loving each other 🙂

susana says:

I thank God for people like you Mika needs a mommy that will love her and take care of her blessings