A Pommy Mommy Story: “Foxy & Bear Bear” Pomeranian Brothers!

By on December 12, 2012
 ***A special note from Pommy Mommy***
I’m so excited for all of my “Pommy Mommy’s”  to read this wonderful story about Foxy and Bear Bear the Pomeranian brothers! These brothers get so much love from their Pommy Mommy, Jaime and “Pommy Daddy” Travis. When I was reading Jaime’s story about her boys for the first time I was laughing and sitting on the edge of my seat, (both at the same time) waiting to find out what was going to happen next!
  This story is just the beginning of the many blog posts and stories that you will be reading from Jaime on PommyMommy.com She will be a big part of PommyMommy.com and will be writing on a regular basis giving us educational tips, tricks, and EVERYTHING Pomeranian!!! You can see through her story that she has a huge love and passion for Poms. Please join me and give Jaime a warm welcome to PommyMommy.com! (You can welcome her by leaving a comment below!) I know that you will enjoy her story as much as I do! Go grab your Pommy(s)….don’t worry, we’ll wait for you… cuddle up to read all about these two sweet brothers!
 -The Pommy Mommy
My two precious Poms, Foxy and Bear-Bear, came to me in a very special way.
It was 2008 and my then fiance, Travis, and I were living in towns 100 miles apart. I had moved a year prior to take a job at a large newspaper, so while my career was going well, I was missing Travis terribly. Coming home to my small, empty apartment every night was very lonely. Every weekend, Travis would come visit me and one of our favorite pastimes was visiting the local pet shop to look at the Pomeranian puppies. We would go into a private room with a Pom puppy and hold it and play with it. I have loved Poms ever since my parents got me my first Pom, Sugar, when I was 4 years old. So, when Travis and I started talking about the possibility of getting a dog, I had my heart set on a Pomeranian.
One day while I was at work, Travis emailed me a photo of two precious Pomeranian puppies that a couple had for sale in a town that was halfway between where Travis and I were living. As soon as I saw the photo I went crazy, and I wanted to go see (and get!) those puppies! So, I called the lady minutes later and told her that we would like to come see them that weekend, but I would get back with her to set up the day and time. I could not stop thinking about how much I wanted those puppies! But, later that day when I called the woman back, she told me, ‘Oh, I’m sorry…we just sold the puppies.’ WHAT?!?!?! I was distraught that she had already sold them – and in a matter of just a few hours! I called Travis to tell him how upset I was and he tried to cheer me up by saying there would be lots more puppies we could look at.
(As you read the next part of the story, keep in mind that Travis was an hour and a half drive away from me, and we only got to see each other on the weekends.)
Back to the story…Later that night, which was a Tuesday, I was on my way home from working the late shift at the newspaper and Travis and I were on the phone. I was (again) telling him how upset I was about the puppies being sold before we could see them. I specifically remember him saying, ‘Well, don’t worry, if you wish for something enough, it might come true.’ I headed to my little apartment, still on the phone with Travis and found a note on my door from the landlord (I thought) saying to be careful when I opened the bathroom because he had fixed a leak. The note said, ‘Watch out for puddles.’ No big deal, but I figured I’d check it out. I was still on the phone with Travis, telling him about the note when I opened the bathroom door and saw a cage on the floor…I looked down and what did I see??? THE TWO POMERANIAN PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!! I started crying and shrieking and the puppies came out wagging their little tails. Travis, who had been hiding upstairs in my apartment, came running downstairs, which was a huge surprise in and of itself!  It took me several minutes to process everything. I was just crying and smiling, and still in shock. Travis had called the woman with the puppies and worked out the whole surprise. HE was the one she had sold the puppies to! I couldn’t believe it! It still remains one of the biggest surprises and greatest joys of my life.
When Travis was trying to decide which puppy to get, he couldn’t pick just one! There were two brothers, so he wanted to keep them together, and they were too cute to pass up! So, that’s how we came to have Foxyand Bear-Bear in our lives:) They got their names based on their looks – one looked like a little Fox and the other one looked like a little Bear!
Foxy and Bear-Bear made it much easier to come home to my apartment while Travis and I had to be apart. Luckily, one year later, we moved to the same town. The rest, as they say, is history. From the moment those little cherubs came into my life, I have tried to be the ultimate Pommy Mommy. The first night we had them, Travis was already calling me their Mama, and every day he tells them, “Go see Mama!” or “Mama’s home,” and they come running toward me! I love cuddling with Foxy and Bear-Bear, who I affectionately refer to as my boys. 🙂
I have spoiled them ridiculously, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They were even a part of our wedding day:) I love dressing them up for holidays, taking them sledding in the winter, swimming in the summer and much more!! We even made them personalized party hats for their birthdays, and of course, there are presents and pupcake every year! They were 12 weeks old when my husband brought them home to me and we celebrated their fourth birthday in April.
My husband has showered Foxy and Bear-Bear with love and spoils me with all things Pomeranian!! During the past four years, I have acquired “Pom Mom” clothes, Pom tennis shoes, purses, jewelry, figurines, wall hangings, the list goes on an on. 🙂
Foxy and Bear-Bear bring so much joy to our lives on a daily basis. They are always so happy to see Mama, and of course, they love Travis, too! They are such happy little pups – always smiling, especially Bear-Bear!! They love to run and play in the yard, go for walks and are up for pretty much anything. Bear-Bear is especially close to me – he’s a Mama’s Boy and follows me everywhere. Foxy is the sweetest little thing ever, but he’s more of the strong, silent type and likes to buddy up with Travis and do “man things,” like working out in the yard. They also love to play at my mom’s house – and she loves her furry grandkids. She even has a shirt that says, “My grandchild is a Pomeranian!”
They are involved in every aspect of our lives and I love that. Someday, I’d love to have more Poms. (My husband keeps telling me we need a couple of acres of land first, haha!) I’ve always been someone who looks at life through rose-colored glasses, and I think the world would be a better place with more Poms:)
I’m so happy I’ve found Pommy Mommy and this community to share my love of all things Pomeranian with! Thank you for letting us share our story with you – and we look forward to hearing yours!
Jaime, Travis, Foxy and Bear-Bear
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kelly ho says:

what if your Pomeranian is not coming out of her cage and wont eat food and while shes sleepping she sakes a little what should i do im so worryed about her

Jaime Mowers says:

Hi Samm! Thank you so much for reading our story, I’m so glad you enjoyed it:) And Sally, congratulations on your new Pommy!!!

Pommy Mommy Jaime Mowers

Sally Parker says:

I just recently gotten a pommy, We are still getting used to each other. I fell in love on day one!

Samm says:

Jamie your happily ever after made me tear up 🙂 such a beautiful story as well as we’ll family I wish you many more happy memories as well as poms !!

(MsDolittle) says:

Great story, my poms give me my greatest joy.
What a wonderful surprise. Thank you for sharing
your story of your beautiful boys. Peggy

Jaime Mowers says:

Thank you, Peggy!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the story!!!

Jaime Mowers says:

Thank you, Cynthia!! It really was the best surprise ever!!

Julie says:

Beautiful story! Love pommy mommy stories! I actually fostered pom brothers that needed to be adopted out together and they did! They were cutie pies!

Sheri Fyfe says:

This story had me almost in tears, I love the fact that is has a happy ending and everyone is together! So sweet! <3

Jaime Mowers says:

Awww, thank you Sheri!!!

Cynthia Shearer says:

this is such a cute story!!!! that has to be the best surprise ever 🙂