How to Make Cold Treats for Your Pomeranian

By on May 11, 2012

I love cooking with Mommy

Summer time is fast approaching and the weather is heating up! During these warm months the girls always enjoy a nice cold treat! No… I’m not talking about ice cream or other cold dog treats that you BUY at the store. I’m talking about a homemade healthy treat you can make yourself! Today I will give you a recipe and show you how to make a great frozen treat  your Pomeranian will enjoy!

Ice Lick Toy

I came across an “ice lick toy” and thought it was a great idea for dogs! You freeze toys in water and the dog licks the ice. Great for a hot day.  However that would be WAYYY to much for my little Pomeranians! I decided to make my own version of a cold frosty treat.

Step One: The girls definitely don’t like ice. So I had to come up with something they enjoyed….Chicken Broth!  BINGO!  I was already giving the Pomeranian’s chicken broth in liquid and jello form… so it made sense. I make a great organic chicken broth from chicken backs and necks as well as chicken feet. (See recipe below) I use it in numerous recipes in the kitchen. The whole house smells like chicken and the girls go crazy for it!

Step Two: Find a mold to use. Ice cube trays were the first thing that came to my mind. However the second thing that came to my mind was NO. That would be way to big to use for the Pomeranian’s small mouth. Candy molds were the next thing to come to mind, however the thin plastic would crack to easily. Not to mention the candy making supply store didn’t have anything dog related.

So I turned to the internet searching for dog bone ice cube trays! After searching through several sites I finally found the perfect size for the Pomeranian’s!

When it arrived I was thrilled with the thick, sturdy material it was made from. Also the size was just as pictured, about the length of your pinky finger!

I washed it out and lined the molds with organic coconut oil. I wanted to make sure the treats would be able to be easily removed. In small amounts, coconut oil is a great “dog safe” oil to cook with when making dog treats!

I filled the tray with chicken broth and popped them in the freezer! 45 minutes later the girls were excited to try them. I called the Pomeranian’s over to the kitchen and they started sniffing the frozen bone. We like to call them “bitty bones” in the Pommy Mommy house. It was like they discovered a new treasure! Maggie quickly took her treat out in the grass, Sophia ate hers in her bed and Yoki decided I should hold hers and she would just lick it to death!

If you would like to try this at home with your Pomeranian’s follow my easy recipe for homemade chicken broth.






Chicken Broth

1lb Organic Chicken Feet

4  1/4 Cups Water

1 tsp. White Vinegar

1 tsp. Orange Juice

Wash chicken feet thoroughly add to medium size stock pot.

Add chicken feet, orange juice and vinegar to pot.

Bring to a boil reduce heat to low.

Simmer for one hour.

Discard chicken feet from broth. Skim out all small parts left behind. Broth should be a light golden color.

Let broth cool and pour into molds. Place in freezer 45 minutes to 1 hour.

***If your local market doesn’t carry chicken feet, chicken backs will be fine. I purchase my chicken feet from a local organic farm. Some producers BLEACH the chicken feet and that may cause harm. Always be sure and check the nails of the feet. They should be pink and not white in color.***  

If you would like to buy the same dog bone ice cube tray I used, go to Amazon or click here: Bone Shaped Ice Cube Tray – 20 Small BonesYou should be able to purchase it for  $10-$15.

You will have broth leftover so make sure and freeze it in a container until you’re ready to make some more bones.

Have fun making these treats for you Pomeranian! I know they’ll love them!

If you would like to watch a video of my husband taking you through the actual Chicken Bone Broth cooking process click here.

Evangeline says:

I love this idea. Especially we are moving to Arizona soon. My Miller will love this 🙂 sooo excited to make it.Thanks 😉

Pat Binkle says:

These frozen chicken broth Pommy-sized bones are just the ‘coolest’ [pun intended] treats !!!
Thanks for sharing your recipe.
And I am so enjoying your Facebook postings !!!

Peggy Wood(MsDolittle) says:

Thank you for this. When Bambi was recovering from being spayed she wasn’t eating. I made these for her using just the back and neck. I didn’t have the bones per say I used a ice tray designed water bottles. That worked for us. Thank you for I believe that help keep Bambi hydrated. We thank you xoxoxo to the girls