Happy New Year Pommy Mommies

By on December 31, 2014

What a weird and humbling experience the  past few weeks have been here at the Pommy Mommy home. Sophia was our “THIRD” Pomeranian to pass since September. A true figther until the end, I will forever love that little girl to pieces. I posted two blog posts about her on the Pommy Mommy blog. One about her passing you can read here; and another as a tribute you can read here.

Not only did our little Sophia pass away but two weeks prior, so did our Pomeranian Mika. Her kidneys were failing and there was sadly no more we could do for our little hippie chick. I’ll always miss her begging at my feet for treats as I bake in the kitchen! You can find her tribute on the blog here.

After all of the sadness, I’m really ready for 2015 to hurry up and get here! With a new “human” baby on the way, I know great things await our family. Yep, as some of you already know, I am officially a mommy to be… to a human child! Hahaha – We are due in July and have yet to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. Either way, my husband and I are thrilled and have decided to hold off on adopting any more Pomeranians for the time being.

The family spent Christmas day here at our home in Las Vegas. Earlier this month we took Niko to the Bellagio gardens to see the beautiful Christmas display. He was the star of the show! People wanted to take more photos of him all dressed up in his santa outfit that they did of the Christmas display! We almost had to get security to walk us out… Niko took it in stride. Haha, Pomeranians are always in the spotlight – no matter where you go.

We had a busy few days packing Pommy Boxes, Christmas Boxes and shipping out a big bunch of candy cane tutus! Not only did we have a great time shipping out boxes, but we also shipped out over 200 Autographed copies of my new book titled: “A Pommy Mommys Guide to being owned by a Pomeranian!”

There are two different places you can purchase your copy. We have autographed copies in the shop here. Or if you have an Amazon giftcard you got for Christmas that’s just burning a hole in your pocket; you can pick up the digital kindle edition or paperback edition here. Note, Amazon copies are not autographed. If you happened to purchase one already, please do me a favor and leave a review… it can help me to get “bestseller” status.

I hope you had a better 2014 than I did… but the future looks very bright for all of us at Pommy Mommy and wish you all a Happy New Year. Don’t forget if you want to receive a free Screen Lock every month subscribe to my newsletter by clicking the picture in the upper right of the sidebar of my website.