How to deal with Pomeranian Shedding

By on October 6, 2015
Pomeranian Shedding

Pomeranian shedding has undoubtedly become an accepted inconvenience for many Pommy Mommies. Normal, busy lives do not usually accommodate the amount of time required to keep the evidence of shedding from taking over everything in our homes.

Couches, clothes, floors and chairs eventually become one with the issue, and only a great effort can remove this evidence. Even then, it’s only for a short time – until one of our Poms sauntered by…

At least that was my experience – for the past 10 years as a Pommy Mommy. I just resigned myself to the fact that if I loved and gave full residence to my furry babies, the massive amount of discarded fur was just part of the package.

Pomeranian SheddingAnd that was my life – I frantically cleaned if friends were dropping by, I bought lint rollers in bulk and I tolerated a few special spots in the house where all my Pomeranians loved to lay – my own pillow being one. It got so bad, I decided to only invite other Pomeranian lovers into my home – they would at least understand that if they wanted to sit down while visiting, they should not wear black, brown or blue pants, dresses or skirts.

And don’t get me started on the kamikaze fur balls that might aim for a dinner plate.

I’ll never forget visiting another Pommy Mommy’s house a couple of years ago and being completely dumbfounded: Here was a multi-Pomeranian home… 6 Poms in all – without a trace of their existence. It was a little like the Twilight Zone, if you ask me.

Ok. That might be slightly dramatic, but I really wanted to know how this was possible… so I asked.

The answer to this question fixed the shedding problems in my life.

She said that when she switched to Raw Food and added some antioxidant supplements to their diet the shedding stopped.

I asked my Pomeranian whisperer Cricket if this was true… and she had a very telling tale.

“Most people don’t know that the condition of a Pomeranian’s hair follicle is directly related to it’s nutrition. Pomeranian’s are not supposed to shed every day – they will naturally blow their coat twice a year with the seasons, which is normal, but if your Pomeranians are shedding year round – it’s time to take a look at what you are feeding them.”

EnzymX-trans-skinnySo after that I decided to start feeding all my Poms a Raw Diet not just Yoki and adding antioxidant supplements.

At the time I couldn’t find a supplement that didn’t have soy in it or that Niko would take with his food. All Powdered stuff he just turned his nose up at. After consulting with some top pet nutritionists and a veterinary scientist I was able to come up with a liquid antioxidant formula that not only helped with the shedding but also helped with getting the digestive system back on track.

It was time for Pommy Mommy to get a nutrition line that helped with all of the problems that Pomeranians encounter… shedding was one of them and EnzymX™ is that product that I guarantee will help your Pomeranian.

I know it sounds crazy.  How could different dog food and supplements stop your Pomeranian shedding? But it really is as simple as that.

I’m happy to say I invite everyone into my home these days – even if they’re allergic to dogs or Pomeranians… and I have my EnzymX™ Antioxidant Formula to thank for it. Click the link to get yours and you’ll be thanking me also.