How to Feed a Raw Diet to Pomeranian’s

By on May 24, 2012

There is a method to feeding a raw diet to you Pomeranian. It’s a method that I had to play around and experiment with before I discovered the best way for my Pomeranian girls to eat their food! Today I will tell you how the “feeding routine” goes around the Pommy Mommy home!!!  

Primal Pet Food, Stella & Chewy, Bravo!



I didn’t become an expert at feeding a raw diet over night! It was a learning process for sure! I went to a pet boutique that sold raw food and got some education.

There are many different kinds of raw food. Some popular brands include:

  • Stella and Chewy’s 
  • Bravo! 
  • Primal Pet Food
Raw food comes in all different forms. Some is frozen by the ounce, some is frozen by the pound.

Raw Food Definitions

CHUB- Looks like a pound of ground beef! 
          Sold in plastic wrap, manually cut and weight out food, thaw to serve.
PATTIES- Look like raw hamburgers!
              Sold individually wrapped, thaw in order to serve.
NUGGETS- Looks like small 1oz rectangle block (pictured below) 
              Sold loose in bag. Divide into freezer bag, thaw to serve

Primal Pet Food

All of these brands have samples that you can try. The woman who owned the pet boutique loaded me up with three different kinds of raw food samples. If you want to start feeding raw, this is the best way to introduce your Pomeranian to the new grub! I wanted to see what brand they liked the taste of, and how they digested it. After a few days of trying out the new food the girls and I decided that Primal Pet Food is the winner! (chicken flavored of course, the Pomeranian’s went crazy over it!) They loved the taste and it worked wonders with their digestive system.

Primal Raw Food 1oz Nugget 


Feeding raw food is much easier than one would think. Once you get into a routine it becomes second nature. With the Primal food I purchase a bag of frozen dog food and bring it home right away. (Yep, it’s frozen and it thaws out quickly!) Once I’m home I use 1 quart freezer bags and separate the food. Each bag contains one day of food. For example: All together the Pomeranian’s eat 10 “nuggets” of food a day. The nuggets are 1 ounce of raw food. Therefore I put ten pieces of frozen food from the bag I got at the store into one freezer bag. I always have two bags of food in the refrigerator at the same time. One for the current day, and one for the next day. (Being frozen you need to give it time to thaw correctly) The rest of the food is stored in the freezer. I take a bag of food out every night after “dinner time” and let it thaw in the refrigerator.


Food bagged for the week in freezer bags




TippyMyPommy says:

Were do i get this for my pom?. And how do i feed this to my pom and all?.

Ashley says:

I just switched my 3 year old pomeranian from science diet canned food to nature’s variety raw medallions. I’ve had him on it for about a week now and he absolutely loves the new food! He weighs about 7 lbs. so I feed him the recommended 4 medallions (1 oz.) each a day and leave dry kibble out for him at all times. He eats the raw food up within minutes and it seems like he wants more. I was just wondering if you would recommend that I up the number of medallions I give him or should I just stick with the recommended amount? Thanks so much!

kodahonor says:

I want to switch my pom from science diet to the primal raw food. Unsure how to choose the right one for him. Chicken? Rabbit? Should I mix them up? Thank you!

Pommy Mommy says:

I wouldn’t feed the rabbit just yet. Feed your Pom the Chicken and mix it up every couple of weeks with the beef.

kodahonor says:

Thank you! I appreciate the help 🙂 … and I love your website!

Pommy Mommy says:

Thank you so much.

Shelley Cropper says:

Raw food recipes. I live in a small country town in australia & cannot access any companies that sell it. My baby boy has all of a sudden after 5 years become allergic to an ingredient that i cannot narrow it down to. I have always fed him royal canin sensitive & have changed him to holistic since the allergies but it has only lessened it slightly.

pommypennymommy says:

How does Primal compare to Nature’s Variety in terms of nutrition and cost? I have not seen Primal at Petco or Petsmart. But I have seen the huge freezers with Nature’s Variety raw food. And the zip lock bag portions are ingenious.