Trimming your Pomeranian’s Paw Pads

By on December 27, 2013

I try to groom my Pomeranians every two months. Between my grooming appointments I  bathe and brush all 5 of my furry babies as often as needed to keep them “Photo Shoot” ready. Since everyday is an adventure here at the Pommy Mommy household… they always need to be photo shoot ready. You never know what unbelievably cute picture will come up during the course of my day.

IMG_2044One thing lately I have noticed and I’m not sure if it’s because of Winter or just because, but The Boys (Luka & Niko) have been growing fur over the tops of their paws and between their pads at a very fast rate. Since this was happening to me I thought it might be happening to some of you Pommy Mommy’s out in Pommyland.  One of the bigger problems that I see with this hair growth between their Pads, especially in Luka, is that it is very uncomfortable when he walks and tries to climb the stairs. Niko, has a very different experience… he likes to run a little crazy around the house on our wood floors, as you would expect it becomes a very unpredictable “skating” rink. He has been known to slide himself into many things, including the Christmas tree and presents. We have securely fastened the tree so it doesn’t fall on any one, especially a 5 lb ball of energy.

I just thought that he was a crazy little ball of energy and that was causing him to slip and slide but a closer look at how he was sliding made me wonder. I noticed that the fur between his pads and paws were longer than usual, so I decided to trim them up.

trimming-paws2Using  sharp “Pet Grooming Shears“(the sharper the shears the easier it is to cut quickly), I cut the top-of-paw fur in a forward direction so it still took the shape of their paw. Kind of diamond shaped. Then, and this was the tricky part, snipping quickly and efficiently all the fur in between their pads without snipping their pads. That was a little nerve racking… one, because I’m not a professional groomer and two… because Luka loves to pull his paws away, like playing “Hide and Go Seek” with his paws. He hides them… I go seek them. Endless enjoyment for him… anxiety for me.

trimming-padsI always waited until I took them to the groomers to have this done but now that I have taken the plunge and feel a little more confident in trimming their paws, they are walking with so much more confidence and Niko doesn’t slide at all… and the stairs are no longer a problem for Luka. So this little spurt of fur growth won’t prohibit my Boys from having any more fun.

If you are a groomer or just know how to groom your Pomeranian, please leave a comment below.

Susan says:

Hi. I have a very fluffy cream white Pekingese and need to know what type of clippers to trim his matts and butt? Sometimes he gets matts and I can’t dematt him because he thinks I’m playing and starts bouncing all over the place!

Do you have any problem taking your Pom babies to the groomer? Maybe I will have to take my Peke baby to the groomer but worry that he will freak out.

Any suggestions/ tips please. I wish there was a Peke blog out there like this one.

Cathleen Fleming says:

I use 2 types of electric trimmers. One that is “quiet” but could shave the whole body if desired – it’s powerful. The other is the little “stick” sold at drugstores. Both use batteries. I’ve been trimming my puppy’s paw fur since she was 9 weeks, and trimming her nails with kitten nail clippers. I give her little nibbles of treats during these weekly beauty treatments, and while she’s not overly cooperative yet (we’ve done this weekly for 3 months) she doesn’t bite, fight, scratch or otherwise misbehave. She’s not afraid of the clippers for hair or nails. When I pull them out she gets excited to get treats. I like to keep those feet nicely trimmed all the time & can’t see paying someone to do what I can do. I also have this need to keep their little behinds clear of excess hair – I hate “poopy butt” – my one pom had it so much he knew when I said that. The electric / battery trimmer makes it easy.

Selena says:

For Rayne, I use electric clippers. I use the smallest ones I could find. I then found several videos on YouTube on how to trim her paw pads. This has helped her alot because she’s afraid to walk on slick floors, and having her paw pads clean makes it easier when she does needed to walk on them.

When i do Buzz them I go up, and then down. And then I go gently between the toes. I keep Rayne’s paw grinchie, so I leave the tops long.

Also since she’s been going to groomers since she was a puppy, she doesn’t fight at all.

Good luck!