Let’s Get Down to the Bottom of This…Is it Safe to Color your Pomeranians Hair??

By on August 22, 2012

Jeffree Stars Pomeranian Diamond
Photo Credit Jeffree Star

Just a few short days ago I shared this picture of Jeffree Stars Pomeranian named Diamond. I posted the picture on Pommy Mommy’s  Instagram and Facebook and everyone started going crazy with how much they LOVED  it and how cute she was, or how much they HATED it and thought it was mean and harmful to color your Pomeranians hair. Having zero expierence with coloring my Pomeranians hair I enlisted the help and opinion of professional animal groomer and owner of Wag ‘n Detail Mobile Pet Studio, Nancy Holland.

Jess Rona (Diamonds Groomer) of a la Mutt in Toluca Lake,  California also gives some information as to what kind of color she uses on Diamond and if she thinks Diamond enjoys the coloring process or not. 

Check out what Nancy has to say:

I’m a member of a Creative Styling Organization dedicated to the education of creative groomers. This group

guides and assists those that want to further immerse themselves into the art of creative grooming. We are advocates of the safety in the process, as well as the effective techniques we have personally used and tried. We have veterinarian consultants we can refer to for the tough questions and answers, as well as a chemist and special fx artists.

Blow Pen’s

All products used on the pets are completely safe and non-toxic. Depending on what type of color you are needing to use, they can be non-permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary colors:
Artist Chalk, Food Coloring, Kool-Aid, Blow Pens…there are many choices on the market, so these are just a few.

Artist Chalk

There are Creative Competitions all over the world for this art… and professional groomers have been entering them for years now.  There are several things to take into consideration when looking to color your Pomeranian’s hair, size, coat, skin, temperament, and availability are all important factors when thinking about this dramatic change.

People who feel that it’s mean or cruel, are simply “not educated” in knowing about such creative aspects of dog grooming, in fact, dogs love the attention they get when a creative design is being done on them.

Ellie and her fancy new ink from The Wag ‘n Detail!

Friends of mine have been on Good Morning America more than once with their Creative Dogs to help educate people on the process and to eliminate the lies or myths surrounding the practice.

Because my business is mobile, I just do simple quick little tattoos if requested on my client’s pets.


Jess Rona Grooming Diamond and Diva

I also had a chance on Instagram to see what Jess Rona (Diamonds Groomer) of a la Mutt in Toluca Lake, California had to say about using color on Diamond. 

Question: What kind of dog dye do you use?

JR: Manic Panic and Paul Mitchell Ink Works.

Q: Do you use a brush to get the color that close to her eyes?

JR: The dye is thick because basically its a conditioner with pigments in it. So I use my pinky around the eyes. Diamond is a VERY well behaved dog. She doesn’t move really. She likes it because I’m basically massaging and petting her.  I don’t recommend you dye your own dog. I’ve been a professional groomer for 14 years and I know how to handle a dog safely. If you do it your self use food coloring. 🙂

Pink Diamond

Well there you have it! Two professional groomers opinions on coloring your Poomeranian’s hair. Weather you’re a fan of these artistic designs or not, we both now have education on the subject. I’d like to thank Nancy Holland of Wag ‘n Detail Mobil Pet Studio for taking the time to give her opinion and education on this matter.

If you live in the Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana, or Southwest Ohio and are interested in a great groomer who will add a little color to your Pomeranian check her out on Facebook —-> facebook.com/WagNdetail

Amanda says:

I think it’s cut as long as the colouring is safe. I don’t think the Dog really cares what colour it is. My Pomeranian wears clothes and he’s such a happy Pom! I once had a groomer to dye his tail blue, but since he is black it didn’t shoe up well. I like Poms either way, just like how my Pom’s hair is cut short and how my Pomchi’s hair is kept long.

Amanda says:

I meant, it’s cute.

Bernardo Mchenry says:

Dog grooming is not simply an aesthetic bonus for our canine friends. Maintaining a regular grooming schedule will help to keep your dog both happy and healthy. Routine dog grooming will ensure that your dog is free of parasites, has healthy skin and a shiny coat, and has good dental health. Of course, the aesthetic benefits are also a plus. Only a true dog lover wants to be around a dirty, stinky dog with bad breath. Proper dog grooming will bring out the best in man’s best friend. `*


Heidi says:

Well.. It’s not natural for dogs to look like this. They can confuse other dogs/animals, and their language/signals don’t come across as good as it should. I don’t see why anyone should color their animals coat. It’s just stupid. Even if it’s not harmful for their skin/coat it’s still unnatural.

Pommy Mommy says:

Their is absolutely no research to back up your claims that coloring your dogs hair changes their language or signals to other animals. Dogs are color blind for the most part when it comes to colors such as green, purple and some shades of gray. A purple colored dog does not act, mate or come off any differently to another dog than a natural color one.

Heidi says:

They’re not as color blind as we think. Most dogs are quite good at seeing the difference between colors, and the pink/yellow pom looks like a toy. I tried on a blue t-shirt on my pom the other day, and my other dog went crazy, thinking he was a toy. I’d rather see someone elses professional opinion, who doesn’t make a living on whatever they’re asked about.
I know for a fact that coat colors can mess up a dogs signals, natural colors too. I don’t think the pink/yellow pom has any problem there though.

Anyway, I’m a fan of the natural dog. I’m glad it’s unacceptable here in my country to color an animal. I believe it’s actually illegal under the animal rights law.

Pommy Mommy says:

We here at Pommy Mommy are also fans of the “Natural Dog”. It is a controversial subject and we wanted to create a dialogue… as obviously we have. I thank you so much for your awesome comments.

Jasmine Lethby says:

Just looked at the picture again. It is Diamond but my other comment still sticks about exactly what Jeffree wrote and how his dogs are his world

Jasmine Lethby says:

This is not Diamond this is Diva for one and for two, when Jeffree Star posted this he clearly wrote it was Dye of which would not effect the dog therefore if that is the case then it is okay. I mean look at Diva’s face, does she look miserable? No because Jeffree takes great care of his dogs they are his world.

gigi says:

very pretty

(MsDolittle) says:

Love this article!! Hopefully, this information will get into some of the haters. I am a groomer of many years. I personally never have tried dying the dogs, but I have seen some Beautiful work from groomers and it can be amazing. Groomers are in that profession because they love animals. I have never met a groomer that didn’t love their job. You have to have a lot of patience and a good relationship with the animal. I think Diamond is a beautiful Pom and her owner seems to adore her. I really hope people will start appreciating their groomer and realize what it takes to do the work that makes your animal beautiful. Some owner treat their animals like children and I am the most guilty of that. So when choosing a groomer you should interview your groomer as you would a babysitter for your child. If you are uncomfortable, your animal will be too!!

Jensen says:

Very informative! Thanks for taking the time to write this up!