Niko’s annual Letter to Santa Paws

By on December 5, 2014

Last year when I posted Niko’s letter people were amazed that he could write… especially since he has no opposable thumbs. That little guy is one crafty Pomeranian. This year he snuck into my husband’s office and used Rocco’s bark recognition software while we were sleeping. With all the crazy stuff that has happened at the Pommy Mommy house, Niko thought he could ask Santa Paws for a few things to put under the tree. So here’s his letter he asked me to send to Santa Paws.

Dear Santa Paws,

It’s been a rough 2014 for my Mommy, Daddy Yoki, “Little” Sophia and me. My brother Luka went over the Rainbow Bridge and a couple months later my sister Mika went to keep him company. I guess he was a little scared to be there by himself. I miss them very much and was wondering if you could bring them back on your sleigh. I’m really not sure where the Rainbow Bridge is but it’s probably on your way here.

Like I told you last year… being cute isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and Pommy Mommy’s getting a little stingy with the treats… I mean really, how am I supposed to survive on only 25 – 30 treats a day, come on? I only have a hundred or so plush dog toys… I might sound a little selfish but my sister “Little” Sophia’s got like a hundred and fifty… and she doesn’t even play with them. It’s alright my Mommy gets me all the toys… I sample every toy that goes into her Pommy Boxes… So I don’t really need toys, unless you feel like throwing them in just for the fun of it. I know you’re busy and read about a billion of these lists a year so to help you out I listed what I want with the links on where to get them. I love to help, especially when you’re bringing me stuff… Call me a helper.

There’s a few things you forgot to bring me last year. I know you’re getting old and that whole memory loss thing is happening but us Pomeranian’s have good memories… if you don’t bring me my stuff, no dog biscuits and goat’s milk for you. Ok… I probably shouldn’t be threatening Santa Paws. I just got caught up in the moment. Forgive me.

This year I really don’t want too much, just a few things for me and my sisters.

boo_abc_3d-2Mommy wrote a book called, “A Pommy Mommy’s Guide… to being owned by a Pomeranian”… it is really informative and funny but I really like Boo’s ABC Book…  I’m a little starstruck and I still need to learn my ABC’s, so I thought, why not ask. I don’t think he’s as cute as me or as talented as Jiff but it looks like a fun book.

“Little” Sophia isn’t walking so good any more. Daddy is really resourceful and built a really cool harness for her but I think she would really appreciate the new GingerLead Support & Harness. I don’t know if it will fit because she is so tiny but it’s worth a try. I love my little, older sister and she means the world to me. She loves to walk and because she has problems with her back it hasn’t been that easy for her. I know you’ll come through and help her.

61Q7MT+NckL._SY450_I was hoping my other sister Yoki would write you but she a little shy… and ever since Luka left for the Rainbow Bridge she’s been trying to find her way. I’m letting her be the boss now, I’m really not up for the whole boss thing… and she’s been here longer. My brother Luka didn’t care who was here longer… he just came in and ran the place. I didn’t mind ’cause he was my brother and I kinda got every thing he grabbed for himself. I guess that’s why I’m a little, tiny bit selfish too… but let’s get back to my sister. I don’t know if you remember, because you got that memory loss thing going on, but she was a Puppy Mill Pomeranian and went through a bunch of bad stuff. She really likes that stuff that Mommy gives her… I think it’s called Bach’s Rescue Remedy… and she really likes that DAP Diffuser. When people come over it used to drive her crazy… I mean it was bark, bark, bark… and more barking but when Mommy gives her Rescue Remedy and plugs in that DAP Diffuser she isn’t as nervous. She’s been through a lot and I love for her to not have to be so nervous… she’s a really good sister and she doesn’t deserve to be so stressed.

Furrari_BedI know this is a long shot but my mommy got a bunch of these really cool dog beds from Dog Diggin Designs and put them in her shop but didn’t give any to us. I really wanted the one that was red… I think it was called “Furrrari”, I love racing cars and the color red. Also my sister Yoki was telling me she wanted the Sniffany Bed but again she’s kinda shy and was afraid to ask. She likes to wear these pretty blue bows in her fur and I think the bed would match perfectly.  I’m no fashionista or anything… but still think she would look pretty in that bed.

If you could bring Mommy and Daddy some boxes of tissues because they’ve been crying a lot lately and I think we ran out… or Tequila for my Dad. Mommy said she really didn’t want anything this year because she’s getting everything she ever wanted… I have no idea what that means but I’m just the messenger. Thank you so much Santa Paws… and I promise I will leave you some biscuits and goat’s milk.”