Is Your Pomeranian at Risk of Overheating?

By on August 25, 2016

pomeranian at risk of overheating

Is your Pomeranian at risk of overheating? Whether it’s picnic, a walk or a visit to a friend’s house, most everything is better with your Pommy there! But with these tiny descents of Arctic sled dogs, owners must pay special attention to temperature. With their long hair, Poms can easily get overheated. This is especially the case in warmer climates. However, no matter where you live, it pays to know, is your Pomeranian at risk of overheating. Sometimes you just never know.

pomeranian at risk of overheatingOne common misconception is that shaving your Pom will help it stay cool in warmer months. This theory is understandable. The Pom’s thick, double coat must keep the heat in, right? This is true—in colder weather, the thick coat acts as insulation. But, the same idea is true in warmer weather. The hair on your Pom actually works as a cooling system, helping to keep the heat out. Shaving it off takes that benefit away.

Instead, protect your Pom simply by keeping his or her coat clean and tidy. If you live in a climate where your Pomeranian risks overheating, implementing a regular grooming routine can help keep your pup’s body temperature down. For one, be sure to brush your Pom regularly. Leaving dead hairs mixed in with the coat will mat it down and prevent the air from circulating. The same goes for a tangled coat. It’s also advised to keep your Pom’s coat trimmed (not shaved) in the warmer seasons. This will help prevent the coat from tangling and laying flat, and will help the Pom’s natural cooling system work efficiently.

In the warm months, you should be hyper-aware of your Pom’s living conditions. If you’re leaving your Pom behind while you’re at work, be sure his or her playpen will be out of the sun all day. Even if you have air conditioning in the home, the sun’s rays may still overheat your Pomeranian. You should also make sure that your Pom has plenty of water when you leave. And, while it may go without saying, never leave your Pom in the car during warm months. This is sure to put your Pomeranian at risk of overheating. Small, toy breeds with heavy coats like Pomeranians do not have the same tolerance for heat as big dogs do.

pomeranian at risk of overheatingWhen exercising outside, even during cooler weather, keep an eye on your Pom. A happy pup will pant gently and rhythmically. If you notice excessive drool or irregular panting, it may mean your Pomeranian risks overheating. In this case, you cease the exercise immediately and let your Pom rest. Check your Pom’s temperature. A Pomeranian’s body temperature should be very close to 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Any thing under 99 or over 103 is harmful and needs attention. Rising even three degrees above that means overheating. The easiest tool for this job is a dog “ear” thermometer. If you catch your Pom before he or she overheats, you can help him or her cool off. You can do this by misting your Pom with cool water, wrapping him or her in a damp towel, or feeding him or her ice chips one at a time.

More serious signs of overheating include discolored gums (whether brighter or paler than usual, purple or blue), disorientation, diarrhea or vomiting. If any of these symptoms arise after you’ve taken precautions to help your Pom cool down, you should take him or her to the vet immediately.