Why Pommy Mommy Started Baking Pomeranian Dog Treats

By on October 5, 2012
pomeranian dog treats


The Pommy Mommy Pomeranian dog treats are being enjoyed by Pomeranians all over the USA! Today I wanted to share some background as to how and why I created such a yummy organic treat.

I have always had a passion for rescue Pomeranians. When I rescued my first Pomeranians, Maggie and Shieka (actual sisters) I realized that due to the lack of care and most importantly the neglect, they had dealt with,  their teeth were rotted and  had to be removed by the Vet.

I tried to give the girls biscuits, bones and chew sticks however,  they would leave them on the floor because their lose of teeth made it almost impossible for them to chew… even though the bones were small in size. Most of the store bought treats although small enough where just too hard for my furry babies.  I eventually found a small training treat that was soft, chewable and smelled of liver. The girls loved them but upon further investigation to what the treats were made of, I couldn’t even pronounce half of the ingredients! I didn’t want my Pomeranians eating junk food for treats.

Not able to find what I wanted in the entire treat aisle of  local big box pet stores, I decided to take

Pomeranian dog treats

Pommy Mommy Instagram friends
“taste testing” Pommy Mommy “sample snaks!”

matters into my own hands. I started by making the girl’s treats myself… I thought; “it can’t be much different than baking cookies”.  A few things I knew wanted in my home made dog treats were to be:

Small in size

All natural or organic 

Not a hard or chewy treat (something that could break apart easily but only when chewed)

Smell and taste that my girls would love.



GiZ with the Pommy Mommy “sample snaks” tin full of treats!

I have always enjoyed baking and having fun in the kitchen… always trying new recipes and adding my own touch to make them organic. I researched many different dog treat recipes and tried them out almost every free second I had. Some of them were good but didn’t call for organic ingredients, so I began coming up with my own  organic recipes.

The girls enjoyed being the taste testers and got their own “free samples”.  Their response  had 100% impact on the treat that I’ve created for the Pommy Mommy sample “snaks”.   When I was trying out my recipes,  I used everything from Salmon to cinnamon, Chicken and carrots, and Apples with Beef Jerky.

The girls had their own way of telling me what was good and what was bad. Each Pomeranian would tell me if they liked what I created by scarfing  the treat then begging for more by jumping around in a circle! If they didn’t like it… they turned their little nose away and let it drop to the floor, and then walked away “in disgust”. It was hilarious watching these little Pomeranin judges.  Several things were very apparent,   they we’re not a big fan of fish, they were huge fans of peanut butter, chicken they would bite your hands off, and pumpkin and bananas were their favorite fruit.

When I made up an organic recipe that the girls liked, I added it to my recipe book to make in the future.  The treats would come out of the oven, cool off and I’d  put them in a candy tin I picked up one time shopping.  I used a tin because I felt that it would protect them better then a plastic bag… and it did. When I used a plastic baggie the treats would get crushed into crumbs… and my girls didn’t like crumbs so much.   I carried the treats with me everywhere I went…  the Vet, the dog park and especially when I was traveling on long car trips. The tins made it very convenient to put in my purse, just in case I was out with the girls and forgot to grab the treats on the way out. (Yeah, I carry backups!) It’s sorta like a baby with a

Left to Right: Scarlett, Peaches, Jazzy,
“Pomeranian Testimonial” from Prada and Lucia. Check out Prada_puppy on Facebook for full video clip of her and Lucia eating the treats! It’s hilarious!

pacifier, something I didn’t ever want to forget!

When Maggie, Yoki, Sophia and I go to the dog park and I need to “round them up” all I have to do is shake the tin and they come running full speed… well Sophia is a little slower, but….! They know it’s “tweet time” (a little nick name we created) Other dogs saw them running and  quickly picked up  the “shake of the tin” and they started  running over with the Pommy Mommy Girls!

My friends at the dog park started asking what was in “The Tin” and I told them, home made dog treats! They asked if I could make some for their dogs. Word spread fast among the owners and dogs… before I knew it I was making a few batches of treats a week!

So in January of 2012 I decided that I could bring more joy to Pomeranians by turning my passion and hobby into a business!  I have been sharing sample “snaks” with Pomeranians all over the USA! All the “Pommy Mommys” that give their furbaby a treat say that they just couldn’t get enough and their Pomeranian’s just loved the taste! Not to mention when you open the tin of the apple peanut butter treats, you’d think it was a peanut butter cookie!

That is the story how the Pommy Mommy treat came to be! Thank you to all of my Pommy Mommy friends that have supported and inspired me to be able to do what I love! Posted through out are pictures of Pommy Mommy’s happy Pomeranian supporters in the Pommy Mommy community that tried out the Sample Snaks! Pommy Mommy Sample snaks are no longer being sold but you can get two 3oz bags in every Pommy Box by clicking here

Even Angel the Maltese likes Pommy Mommy treats!
She keeps plenty “back up tins” in stock!


Peace, Love, Pomeranians!

-The Pommy Mommy

Amy says:

Hi Pommy Mommy I know I canceled my treat of the month if I decide I want to order them again how do I go about doing that

Connie says:

Thank you! I just got my first order of the snacks and my pom is in love with them..
My pom is a rescue, she is 14 years old now and lost her sight just within this month. She came to me on Christmas Eve and I dont know how I could live without her. I love what you do, and I respect you 100%! Keep uo the good works, the world needs more angels like you. 🙂

Pommy Mommy says:

Thanks Connie!
It’s Pommys like yours that is why I love what I do! Making those little faces happy is the best thing in the world! Thanks for sharing your story! 🙂