Pomeranian Photo-A-Day August Challenge!

By on August 1, 2012

List for Photo-A-Day August

As I say farewell to the last day day of July there is something that I’m looking forward to starting up again on the first day of August! A few months back I found an Australian blog called fatmumslim.com I was hooked almost instantly! Among her many blog topics she puts together a list of different items that you can take a photo of everyday.

She puts together a new list of different items every month.  Along with taking a picture, many followers also post the picture they took on Instagram. Instagram is an app that you can access on an iPad or iPhone…anything that you can download the Instagram app on. It’s a place where you can share photos with other like minded people. Once you’ve uploaded the photo you can tag it by using the # key followed by #photoadayaug  so other followers can see the photo you took!

Day 7: Someone that inspires you. “Photo a day May.”
“We all inspire each other! We are rescue Pomeranians who love everyone!

Day 12: Something that makes you happy.
“We love swimming!”

Enough with the tutorial! 🙂 If you have questions on how to work Instagram let me know below in the comment section. I’ll be happy to help! I started to do a “Photo-A-Day” picture with the Pomeranians in May. The pictures in the blog are a few that I took in May. The girls and I had so much fun coming up with different pictures to take for the day! It really brings out the creative side in you! I got so into the photo-a-day I would find myself at the store buying sidewalk chalk or blow up swimming pools! Other days the girls would just pose all on their own and it made the perfect picture! Out of all the girls, Maggie was the easiest to pose, she can sit, stay, and follow directions very well. Yoki just sorta darted in and out of pictures! It was a bit of a challenge to snap a picture of her! And Miss Sophia was a natural at looking cute! With a little tilt of a head and her pink tongue hanging out she was easy to photograph!

Photo a day May. Day 10: Favorite word.
“We can read…where’s da “tweets” at Pommy Mommy? 🙂

I’m taking up the Photo-A-Day August challenge and I think it would be fun if you

Day 11: Kitchen
” Whipping up some treats in the kitchen with Mommy!”

could too! If you’re not already on Instagram you can follow Pommy Mommy on Instagram by searching for Pommymommy in the explore section.

The pictures give you an idea of how the challenge works!

Hope you have as much fun as I do! If you’re Pomeranian is on Instagram please leave your username in the comment section so Pommy Mommy can follow you if we’re not already