DIY Pomeranian Ramp for “Little” Sophia

By on July 30, 2012

As many of you know Little Sophia is just a little furry baby! At only three and a half pounds she weighs in at the smallest Pomeranian at the Pommy Mommy home. Her small stature however does not match her larger than life attitude! This little girl is a fighter, and there’s almost nothing she won’t do! I think one of her most favorite activity’s is to bark at her sisters Maggie and Yoki!

The one thing I noticed Sophia needing a bit of help with is stepping down the small step from the sliding glass pomeranian rampdoor in the house so she can go outside to the backyard with the rest of the Pomeranians. When it was time to go outside she would wobble over to the door, (yes, she wobbles everywhere because of the neglect from her previous owners and her luxating patellas. It’s more of a wobble/prance) when reaching the door she would stop and circle as to prepare herself to go outside. She then would struggle a bit to get down the small step. Seeing her struggle like that would just break my heart. She is such a tough little girl and watching her try her hardest to get down a step was painful to watch. I knew I needed to do something.

I talked to my husband and he came up with an idea that would help Little Sophia’s challenging step! He decided to build her a ramp! Sophia would have her very own Pomeranian ramp that would easily lead her out to the back yard with no struggle! He drew up a plan and off to Home Depot we went! (Of course Sophia came with us, she was the contractor on this project and had to make sure everything was up to her standards!) The afternoon went on and my husband worked on the ramp into the early evening, Sophia standing over him in her little doggy hard hat and tool belt making sure he was doing everything correctly. (Okay, so maybe she doesn’t have a hard hat or a tool belt…but she was sure barking at him when he used the power tools!)

Our Pomeranian Ramp

When he had finished he motioned Sophia to come over and be the first one to test it out! She wasn’t quite sure what to do at first, but when he stood on the opposite side of the ramp and held a treat out to her… lets just say she’s a very fast learner! She loves the ramp along with her sisters. Yoki likes to use it as a sun tanning ramp in the mornings, and at night Sophia will sit on it and act like she’s over looking her “kingdom” aka the backyard! Pomeranian ramp

If you have something like our Pomeranian ramp, that you built or had to modify to make your Pomeranian’s life easier… please share it in the comment section below! I Always love a good idea!  Pomeranian ramp


Mary says:

Just wanted to write and say how much I enjoy reading your blog, this post in particular made me laugh 🙂

I am the owner of a 7 yr old Pom recently adopted from a breeder and I have enjoyed following you and your posts!


Mary and Chewie

Jensen says:

Hey wow! I’m glad I took the time to read this!