A Pomeranian Rescue: Jasper – A Wolf Sable Pomeranian

By on October 1, 2014
wolf sable pomeranian

I was going through a tough divorce from the man I thought I’d be with forever… but had became a severe alcoholic. I was very upset and sad every day, wondering how my life became so horrible. I started dreaming out loud about a better life… and something strange happened. One night I dreamed of a dog that looked like a tiny wolf with a curly fluffy tail. Wolf Sable Pomeranian.

I hadn’t had a dog in years and hadn’t even thought about getting one. We had two cats at the time… and I thought they were enough to keep me company. As fate would have it I decided to just see if there were little wolves with curly fluffy tails on Petfinder.com.  I searched pretty much the whole site and nothing seemed to catch my eye… and then I saw a 9 month old sable Pomeranian who looked JUST like the dog in my dream. I was a little freaked out because something like this never happened to me before. The post on Petfinder.com said he was in foster care and wouldn’t be back at the shelter until April (it was February).

I don’t usually believe everything I hear or read, so I thought I might just call the Salem Animal Rescue just to see what was up. It just so happened my gut was right, when I called, the woman who answered the phone said he would be there “today”. I don’t think I could have jumped in my car fast enough. It wasn’t a little wolf… but a little Wolf Sable Pomeranian with a curly fluffy tail and he was just a car ride away.  The shelter wasn’t really much to look at… it was very old and dilapidated – just a few mobile homes near, surrounded by an industrial area. I walked in listening to the barking of dogs… and there he was in a crate, curled up in a ball, on a tiny bed. Wolf sable Pomeranian.

The Wolf Sable Pomeranian… in my dream.

wolf sable pomeranianThe woman took him out and handed him to me… he was mine. I wasn’t sure what the policies were but she told me I could have him and that if I took him home today I would have to bring him back the next week to get him neutered… and I could pay his re-homing fee then. Obviously she was a little more trusting then I thought she should be… but I wasn’t complaining. I found and was holding the dog in my dream… A Wolf Sable Pomeranian… I named him, Jasper. Wolf sable Pomeranian.

He seemed a little shy and scared when I put him in the car… although I know better, I let him ride home in my lap and from that moment he has been my little shadow. He sits in my lap constantly, except for a few times when he would follow the kitties around and sniff them. He was not housebroken in any sense of the word… so he pee’d everywhere, so that was a huge challenge every day. He did something strange every time I let him back in from going potty, he would run like a dart to the basement and poop.

I was told his original owners bought him at a pet store for $1200, and took him home, where they had two larger dogs – who literally tried to kill him every day. His lower fangs became crooked from his mouth being pulled on as a baby, he would only poop in the basement so I knew they had shut him in one for long periods of time. But after 6 months they dropped him at the shelter. He was fearful, aggressive, and shy – never been groomed or neutered, and obviously had been very neglected. It took a while to find out the extent of what else had happened. Wolf Sable Pomeranian

But gradually he learned to go outside, he started to play and through some patience he learned a bunch of tricks.  He really seems to love learning new trick and obviously I love teaching him them. He initially bit both my kids and wouldn’t let them come near him. ( they were 12 and 14) My children didn’t let that deter them from helping my little wolf get acclimated to the house. Eventually he started to sit on their laps while watching TV… definite progress. He is so funny… whenever he wants something he spins like a little furry top until he gets it. Sometimes he goes so fast i think he’s going to fall over from getting dizzy. Wolf Sable Pomeranian

One day a male friend of mine, Jack, came over who has a very deep voice. Every time Jack would speak… Jasper cowered. Now my friend Jack is a dog lover, so being a dog lover he reached out his arms and went to hold Jasper. You would think someone hit Jasper with a car… he let out a SCREAM like I have never heard from a dog. That’s when I knew he had not only been neglected, but abused, by a man with a deep voice. Over time he got to know Jack and even started to play with him.

wolf sable pomeranianFour years later he is happy, healthy, funny and sweet. He has a new sister, Coco, who is a tricolor I took from a Craigslist person who gave her up – she had been better treated, but neglected. Three years old and never spayed, with skin and digestive issues, minimal vet care, and little training. After lots of vet care, some training, a new diet, and lots of love she is doing great and they play together all day every day. My daughter even taught her to say “I love you!”. Wolf Sable Pomeranian

I can’t imagine my life without by babies!!! There are so many more I’d love to rescue if I could. So many people buy them and don’t learn about their habits and propensities, and then just give them up. Its so sad. Thanks to all the Pommy Mommies ( and Daddies!) who rescue these awesome little dogs!! xoxoxoxoxo  Wolf Sable Pomeranian.