A Pomeranian Rescue Story: Cheyenne

By on October 8, 2014

Cheyenne is my first Pomeranian.

She was kept indoors all the time. When the family left her home alone they left her locked up in the garage… it still breaks my heart to think about it.

Cheyenne was purchased by a man and his wife for their, at the time, 4 year old daughter… yes, I’m still amazed at that decision. They were renting their home and were not suppose to have animals, so they snuck the puppy in and wouldn’t let it outside to avoid anyone seeing her. I was told she was trained to a litter box but she wouldn’t have anything to do with one when I got her.

When I took her in she was full of little bits of tangled hair. It was obvious to me that she wasn’t ever brushed out because every time I tried to brush her she went nuts.  She even snapped at me a couple of times trying to keep me from brushing her. I’m a little tenacious so I kept talking to her in a calm voice and she relented to me brushing her… it was a great bonding experience.

I’m not sure what happened to her in her old home but every time I get anything out with a long handle (broom, mop, rake) she gets upset and starts barking and lunges at it. To add insult upon injury, I was told that the little girl would toss her into the air and catch her, she was 4 years old… really?

SAM_0123A neighbor found out about the dog and told the landlord, so the people were told to get rid of her. Their son-in-law was visiting shortly after this and called me to see if I wanted her. I was mainly a big dog lover. We were living with my mother-in-law at the time and couldn’t say yes without asking her if it would be ok. I asked my husband when he came home from work. I told him about the dog and his exact words were, “Don’t need no damn dog.”

Well, I decided to make an executive decision… and took her in any way. It was kinda weird because there was really no resistance and now she is more his buddy than mine. A month or two after getting her the same nephew and his family came over… and was shacked at how she had acclimated to us. We were sitting in the front room when Cheyenne came tearing into the house… like the tasmanian devil, jumped up on my lap and jumped from lap to lap, jumped back down onto the floor then ran outside with the kids. It was hilarious to watch the looks on everyone’s face…. but that’s our little Cheyenne.

SAM_0147She loves kids but doesn’t want to be held by them. In all honesty I wouldn’t trust kids handling me… so why should she. Cheyenne is now 10 years old and still full of energy and spunk she has always had. A few years ago Cheyenne started losing the fur on her torso and tail. The vet said there was nothing wrong with her, it is something that just happens. We would get little sweaters and shirts to put on her but she didn’t like them. This last spring her fur started growing back and she looks more like a Pomeranian. Not many people at the dog park believe she is 10 years old watching her run around the park. We expect to have many more years with her. Cheyenne is everything to us and don’t know what we would do without her.