A Pomeranian Rescue Story: Maggie the Little Angel

By on October 15, 2014
A Pomeranian Rescue Story: Maggie

When we moved to North Dakota we were so excited because the school district ranked number two in the nation, and we had found a house in a small quant town of 76 people. The town had that Norman Rockwell look and feel, so I figured it was the perfect place to finish raising my 12 year old daughter. It was just my husband, daughter, myself and our beloved hybrid Naomi… a dog, not a car. We now had the perfect family, and place to live.

I had an accident with a drunk driver ten years ago and I’m still recovering with a bunch of mobility issues as well as problems dealing with the weight gain of immobility. The way I felt and looked just wasn’t me, I no longer wanted to go out in public. The weight gain was impossible to lose and I had all but given up that I would ever be able to walk without a walker. My daughter is a little social butterfly and quickly made friends with a girl that only lived a few blocks away. My husband made friends and to my surprise, I even made a couple of good friends very quickly. A Pomeranian Rescue Story: Maggie

A Pomeranian Rescue Story: MaggieIt was crazy… I found the perfect place to live but it was just a place to feel sorry for myself. About a month after settling in, my daughter brought her friend over to work on a school project. This was the first time I got to meet Maggie, she was a sweet little Pomeranian, but seemed kind of shy and insecure. Not ever having been around Pomeranians before, I thought this was normal. The young girl explained that her dog had been given to her father in a divorce and that she only got to spend a certain amount of time with her and hoped I didn’t mind that she brought her. A Pomeranian Rescue Story: Maggie

Being a dog lover, of course, I said that it was fine. I really didn’t think any more about it. A few months later, the little Pomeranian we knew as Maggie showed up on our doorstep.  In the spirit of being neighborly, we took her home. About a month later, early one morning, my husband heard scratching at our door and went to investigate. He opened the door and in walked Maggie again, acting as if she belonged there, she went over to Naomi’s bowls and helped herself to food and water, then went back to the door scratching to be let back out. A Pomeranian Rescue Story: Maggie

A Pomeranian Rescue Story: MaggieA few days went by, then it happened again… scratching at the door in the early hours of the morning, this was the second visit from this adorable little dog. My husband is the only one up at that hour and thought it was cute that the little dog came to visit him.  A couple of weeks went by by no more early morning visits… my husband became don of her and her little visits. Abruptly they just stopped. A Pomeranian Rescue Story: Maggie

A couple of weeks went by. On June 29, 2011… we were attending a party being given by the local bar and grill that even Naomi had been invited to. It was a horrible day in small town USA, extreme thunderstorms and more rain than we wanted. On the way in we saw the little Pomeranian, Maggie and assumed her “daddy” was inside. We went in thinking we’d just let him know. We didn’t see him immediately. We found seats, got some food and sodas thinking Maggie’s Daddy must have stepped out for a moment. About the time we got settled the Owner of the Bar & Grill came in carrying more food. Maggie snuck in between her feet, spotted me, ran and jumped into my lap soaking wet and muddy. A Pomeranian Rescue Story: Maggie

The owner and another employee rushed over to get this wet, muddy stray out of the restaurant, when all of a sudden Naomi got between me and the people rushing to my aid. Naomi made it very clear,  they were NOT getting anywhere near me or Maggie. They both backed up a bit. The bartender began to tell us that Maggie had been abandoned a week ago when her “owner” moved to accept a new job. I decided right there that we’d take her home. I’ve always had larger dogs and bathe them after being dirty but I have never seen so much mud and filth come off a dog, let alone one that weighed 8 lbs.

IMAG0754I immediately scheduled a Vet appointment with the local Vet… in a town of 76, he wasn’t hard to find. When I brought her in, I found out that the Vet already knew Maggie.  After the consultation, I also found out that she sustained a broken leg, was way behind on vaccines, and had numerous minor injuries in her short life, but there was always a plausible explanation. We later learned that my precious little angel had been yanked up by the collar and thrown against walls, neglected and eventually abandoned. Who could do this to an awesome little Pom? I was heart broken. A Pomeranian Rescue Story: Maggie

When we got back from the Vet, we gave Maggie nothing but TLC. Within a week Maggie’s ears stood straight, her tail curled over her back and she had the biggest smile I’d ever seen on any dog. Her Vet even commented that “Pomeranians are known to have a pleasant expression, but this one looks extremely happy”. I decided then that Maggie would become a permanent member of our family… and I nicknamed her Maggs. A Pomeranian Rescue Story: Maggie

Within a few months I realized that Maggs was changing my life in ways I had never dreamed of.  I stopped feeling sorry for myself and started going out in public, but always with her by my side, my Doctor was so impressed with her and the change in me that he wrote a prescription for me to have a service dog. I never really had to train Maggs she just seemed to know what was expected of her at all times, even in a restaurant, she would sit politely in her seat and mind her manners. I started telling people that she was my guardian angel sent straight from God. A Pomeranian Rescue Story: Maggie

A Pomeranian Rescue Story: MaggieUnfortunately about a year ago Maggs started having seizures, we immediately took her to the Vet who did a full blood work up and concluded that as long as the seizures continued to be less than once a month, and only a couple of minutes that no medication was needed. Relieved we went back to life as normal. In the last year the seizures had all but stopped, Maggs continued to be her happy self and all was well. We moved back to West Virginia, because my mother’s health started to deteriorate and Maggs suddenly had grandparents that loved her as much as I did. My mother had really bad allergies and didn’t let a dog in her house for nearly 20 years… but Maggs was welcomed with opened arms.

We don’t know what it was… the Vet has his suspicions but on February 2, 2014 Maggs passed over to Rainbow Bridge at only 5 years of age.  She dropped suddenly without warning, to the ground and died right there. The Vet believes that due to the earlier abuse there may have been an aneurysm… or something neurological that came from the seizures. Here at home we’d rather believe that God needed his little angel elsewhere. A Pomeranian Rescue Story: Maggie

I’ve never been sure who rescued whom, but I do know that for whatever reason Maggs chose me. I was so blessed with her company for two and a half years. During that time I lost over a 100lbs, now walk with a cane, and I’m no longer afraid to go out in public. I was devastated when Maggs died, so my family decided to bring me home a new little pom baby to help ease the pain… It helped a little but I will never forget my little angel. I wear a cross around my neck with a lock of her fur in it so she can do what she always did… stay by my side at all times… thank you my sweet angel. RIP Maggie. A Pomeranian Rescue Story: Maggie