How I became Pommy Mommy… a Pomeranian Rescue Story

By on April 20, 2012

As many of you know… I have a great passion for rescue dogs of every breed, shape and size, especially Pomeranians!!! Today I wanted to share my story about my very first rescue dogs Maggie and her late sister Shieka; and how they came to live at the Pommy Mommy home.

Pomeranian Rescue StoryGrowing up my family had a Maltese named Angel. I loved growing up with Angel. I took her to obedience classes and entered her in dog shows all over the state. When I went away to college, Angel stayed at home with the family, and to this day is a daddy’s girl! She now takes regular trips to Home Depot with my dad! I missed Angel very much in college, however I knew college was going to open so many doors in my future. Luckily my college dorm was close to home so I would go home and visit Angel and my family as often as I could!

After college I moved in with my boyfriend (now husband) and begged him to get a dog! I was finally in a place in my life that I would be home to take care and spend time with a dog. Unfortunately we were not in the right place just yet. The loft we lived in was in downtown Cincinnati. Yup that’s right…DOWNTOWN! No yard, no trees, no grass….no place for a dog. However the one thing we did have was 2 cars and one parking spot in the garage of the building. Therefore we had lots of parking tickets! One day I added up how much we had paid in parking fees, parking tickets, and towing fees. The grand total came up to a little over $2000.00!!!! Wow! I showed the numbers to my hubby and we agreed it was time to move! We moved out of the city to a nice place that allowed dogs! This space had a big yard, lots of grass, beautiful trees! Perfect for a dog! I was so excited to move in so I could start the search for my rescue dog!

Pomeranian Rescue StoryI’ve always been in love with the Pomeranian breed, I love the little teddy bear/foxy look they have about them. The search for my Pommy’s was very specific. There are hundreds of Pomeranian’s that need to be rescued, and of course I would love to rescue them all… BUT for my search I wanted two girl Pomeranian’s that were sisters, or grew up together. I religiously checked a website called and my search quickly turned  into an obsession. In the mean time I did as much research on the breed as I could. I bought every book and magazine about Pomeranian’s that was published. Anything and everything to do with Pomeranian’s I had to have, I wanted to be a good mommy!

One day in May my search came to an end! I had finally found what I had been looking for! Two Pomeranian sisters!!! My heart started racing with excitement! The pictures of these Pommy’s were so cute! You could tell they loved each other. I emailed the foster mommy right away. Even though I got a response the next day it felt like a response took FOREVER! The foster mommy contacted me back telling me to fill out an application. She also told me that the sisters had been abused by there previous owners. The girls were left in a garage in the winter, no blankets, no dog food, only scraps from what the previous owners would give them. It broke my heart to hear this sad news. Knowing this just made my passion for rescue dogs all the stronger.

Pomeranian Rescue StoryA few phone calls and emails later we got the green light that our application for the two Pomeranian sisters had been approved! Three days later my husband and I started our journey from Cincinnati to a small city outside of Cleveland, Ohio to pick up the girls! When we arrived at the foster mommy’s house we were greeted with not two, but four Pomeranian’s!!! The foster mommy had two of her own pommy’s. Lots of wagging tails, barking, and wet tongues giving kisses were surrounding me! I bonded instantly with the sisters Maggie and Shieka! I was so happy to finally have two of my very own Pomeranian’s! It’s been four years and I still keep in touch with Maggie and Shieka’s foster mommy. Sending her pictures and updates about the adventures of the Pommy Mommy home! I’m forever grateful she was the foster mommy to my very first rescue Pomeranian’s!


***In memory of Shieka. April 24th 2010***

Baby Shieka suffered from seizures and on April 24th,  2010 one of those seizures took little baby Shieka’s life… she is forever in our memories and cherish everyday we had with her.

*** In memory of Maggie. October 12, 2012 ***

Maggie developed cancer that took over her pancreas and stomach… we had made the decision to euthanize her on October 12, 2012. She will always be in my heart as the strong leader of the Pommy pack. Thank you Maggie for helping Yoki.

Nancy says:

Years ago I had a darling black Pom named Cinder. She was very protective and often snapped at folks she thought were going to touch me! I traveled by plane a lot and she always went with me. At the airport I made the mistake of taking her out of her carrier and she snapped at an agent who stamped my hand. I forget why they did that. Her carrier fit under the seat, but she put up such a ruckus that the flight attendant said I had to put her in the over head compartment. Worse ruckus. The co-pilot came out to see what was the fuss and let me hold her on my lap. No more ruckus!
There are more stories I could tell, but I want to say, she was so sweet to me. She looked like a tiny black bear. She never wagged her tail, she wagged her whole body. She got cancer and her kidneys failed and the vet didn’t want her to suffer, so September 22, 2005 she went to the rainbow bridge to wait for me.She was 13 I have her ashes in a little wooden house my son made in school, and a picture of her on my wall, next to the picture of my current dog a darling chihuahua named Suesi. Suesi is a rescue and a beloved pet, but she does not have the big spirit my tiny Cinder had! I still miss her. Suesi is now 13 and I worry about how much longer she will be with me.

Jill Pearson says:

What a lovely story! I know you miss Sheika very much. I lost my first Pom rescue, Hunter, last February. He had an enlarged heart and congestive heart failure and was 8 yrs old. I had gotten hm at 10 months. I rescued my little girl, Ginger, and she only had six months with me before she died. In Feb. 2010 I got Hunter a little brother, 6 month old Riley. He has a plate in his right front leg from a break at 4 months. He was a little terror for over a year and tried my patience! He will be 3 in July and is such a lovey dove. The whole neighborhood loves him!

Terri says:

So sorry for your loss! We too had a baby boy named Kio, who we also lost to seizures at only 5 1/2 yrs. old. June,28,2011. Keep up this wonderful thing your doing! I wanted to start a pm rescue as well, but I have a dog grooming business that keeps me too busy. Best of luck to you!

Sandyspommies says:

I love your stories . 13 years ago we fell in love with our first pommie. Pooh Bear got him as a puppy from what I know now was a BYB . He is a big pommie weighs about 12 lbs but we didn’t care, the more we found about the breed the more we love them, our next pommie was 11 months old also from a BYB that was moving to a different town and wanted little Cotty Bear gone. He turned out to be such a little love, still is, from then on we adopted rescued pommies, At this time we have 6 lil babies, we have lost 3 babies , in the last several years. I know they are happy playing at the bridge waiting for us, but it still hurts , especially when the loss is very unexpected . Lost my little Happy Bear last August to internal bleeding our vet couldn’t get stopped cuz he was so little only 6 lbs. I still miss that little guy…. So much… Anyway we love pommies . And thank you for your stories.
Sandyspommies from central Nebraska…

Patty says:

Hi Sandy
So sorry for your loss. I myself lost my baby Lola January 2011. You said your pom had internal bleeding what was that caused from? My Lola had the same but it was caused from a AIDS. I just wondering if that is something that can run in Poms. I love the breed and have two myself.
Patty from Boston Mass.