Pommy Mommy invades The Beverly Wilshire

By on May 30, 2014

IMG_0897Yes… that’s right Pommy Mommies, the historic hotel featured in the movie Pretty Woman was the backdrop of a little Pommy adventure. Our Little Pomeranian friend “Barkley the Pomeranian” came in the United States to do some promotional work for a couple of companies he’s working with and half the Pommy Mommy pack wanted to go meet him.

In the SUV we piled… Mika, Niko and Luka… excited for the 4 hour journey from Las Vegas to Beverly Hills. After 4 pee breaks (3 for the Poms and 1 for my husband), lunch and a traffic jam on the 405, we made it. Everyone was so excited to meet up with Barkley… I think I was more excited than The Boys and Mika… but it was still a Pomeranain play date.

IMG_5239IMG_5239IMG_5315Barkley led us over to his cabana near the pool and SPA… immediately Niko and Luka wanted to know when the Massage Girl was coming over… I told them no massage girl but there was some cucumber infused water to sip while hanging on the chaise lounge. Barkley was the ever attentive tour guide, showing the Boys every sniffing inch of the pool while Mika ventured out on her own… I think she was looking for Richard Gere… I didn’t want to burst her bubble so I let her go… Well, that was a little bit of a mistake. I forgot that although Mika is a very pampered little starlet… she is a street dog and has a tendency to explore more than we bargained for.

IMG_5268When we are home Mika is very adverse to water… she refuses to take a bath, hates the hose when my husband waters the flowers, and won’t go near the waterfall fountain. So it didn’t dawn on me or my husband that Mika was going to “channel” Ester Williams or show off her Olympic Style swimming skills.

IMG_5285As my husband was following Mika around the pool to monitor her sniffing… out of no where Mika takes a running start and dives headfirst into the pool. My husband didn’t know whether to jump in after her or get the camera… he was too late. I think Mika broke the 100 meter record for the Doggy Paddle because as fast as she was in the pool… she was out, waiting to except her medal… smiling contently.

Barkley congratulated her for a job well done. Niko and Luka were jealous they didn’t think of it first and we all were still a little stunned that Mika was a swimming progeny. Obviously, no one that worked there had ever experienced something like that but took it perfectly in stride. IMG_5289When Mika climbed out she was immediately wrapped in a nice warm towel and greeted with a smile from the pool attendant. We got Mika semi-dried off and everyone retired to the lobby where most of the Beverly Wilshire staff greeted us with smiles, oooh’s and awwww’s and all the little pampered puppies basked in their celebrity glow.

Mika and The Boys loved hanging out with Barkley the Pomeranian and would also like to thank The Beverly Wilshire staff for being so accommodating.