Pommy Mommy of the Week: Gina Lee Kister

By on October 30, 2014
Pommy Mommy of the Week: Gina Lee

April 2, 2012 I had to put down my 15 year old Chihuahua named Lily. My heart ached to make such a decision. Ten days later my brother died at age 46. My heart had a huge void in it. I had such sadness. My husband suggested that maybe we adopt another Chihuahua. So we found a place that had many small breed animals and they coincidently just took in 2 chihuahua’s that were sisters. We went to see them and it was obvious when holding one sister the other would go crazy and they could not be separated… and I had my reservations about taking in two at this point in time.

In the crate next to the Chi Sisters was this tiny orange poof ball… looking up at me. I inquired about this Pom pup and asked if he was available for adoption. The answer was YES! I picked him up, held him close to my neck in a little hug and he began kissing me like crazy! Then his baby teeth got caught in my necklace and that was it! Love at first sight! We named him Leo because he was now king of the forest!!!

image-2So a few years later, Little Leo grew up and became a “”Pom-ager”. His Pom hormones started kicking in and he took quite a fancy to my decorative pillows. I started an early campaign with my husband Barney that perhaps we should consider getting Leo a Pom-girlfriend. Considering we both travel a lot my campaign was shot down before it even ever got started.

Late last January, I was in West Palm Beach working at a Stem Cell Symposium. At dinner, I was talking to some colleagues and bragging about my Pomeranian named Leo. I broke out some photos and videos for a little show and tell with a physician I was sitting next to. He of course recognized Leo was a Pomeranian, sharing with me that he just bought a female Pomeranian as a Christmas present for his wife. I asked to see his photographs and he didn’t have one photo. I asked how old she was and he responded that she was only a few months old. I then asked what her name was? He said that they didn’t name her yet because his wife became ill after Christmas. I didn’t think it appropriate to ask, “what kind of illness his wife had”… so I didn’t. He seemed deeply saddened just by the mention of his wife and nameless Pomeranian.

image-3He then explained to me that she was quite expensive and acquired from a “Couture” breeder in West Palm Beach, Fl which because of the circumstances with his wife, had him now looking to re-home her . I asked how much he paid for her but he wouldn’t disclose the price. He then asked me if I would consider adopting her at no cost. I didn’t know how to answer him except to ask him if he could sneak her in to the hotel the day before my flight left back home to St. Louis, MO.

So early Friday evening I met him in the lobby at the hotel. The doctor approached me carrying what looked like a Chanel purse with vents on it. I gave him a hug and said thank you, took the “purse” and hurried up to my room so excited to see this little Pom baby girl her without a name! I cried with tears of joy as she weighed maybe 1 pound and began kissing me like crazy, just like Leo did when I first met him. I went through the pockets on the dog carrier and found her toys, puppy food, a pink angora princess puppy sweater and her registration papers. When I looked at her papers I was astonished to find out that her birthday on 9/24 is one day after mine 9/23.

I put on pajamas, ordered room service and while playing with this little Pommy girl I contemplated how to break the news to my husband. As I was racking my brain the phone rang… one of my friends just scored tickets to see BARRY MANILOW.   I’m a huge, O.K., biggest Barry Manilow fan in the world but Barry would have to wait because I just adopted the cutest little baby Pomeranian. So I politely turned then down.

image-1I finally worked up the courage to call my husband Barney and as cryptic as humanly possible, I explained to him, I had something to tell him but it was definitely not appropriate to discuss over the phone… and that it may cause a big rift in our marriage. I probably should have given him a little hint but I let him stew with that overnight. Just a little side note… I have 2 other dogs besides Leo and I travel extensively, so I know this won’t go over well.

The next morning I’m off to the airport with suitcase and puppy Pom in tow. When I arrived at my gate, almost everyone was going crazy over this precious baby, especially the women. The looks I got from the men were awesome… everyone of them turned their backs on me. I could totally hear them saying… “Geez lady, thanks a lot! … now we have to get a Pomeranian for our women! It was hilarious.

Before I boarded the plane, I realized that I couldn’t show up in St. Louis to meet my husband at baggage claim with a puppy Pom? So I called him and told him I was bringing home a puppy. Of course his response was, “I knew it!” When I arrived in St. Louis, Barney’s only responded were, “She looks like a baby fox and “we need to find a home for her”. He barely spoke to me for three weeks but I stood my ground and got to keep LOLA! What else would I name her after missing my first Barry Manilow concert??

image1Her name was LOLA, she was a showgirl… da… da… dada… da… da…” Yea, Barney wast too impressed and kinda  has the song, “Whatever LOLA wants, LOLA gets…” replaying in is head… obviously, replacing the name LOLA with GINA!

On 9/21/14 the Sunday before mine and Lola’s birthdays, Leo and Lola got married! It was a very special day!

I love you, Barney!