Pommy Mommy of the Week: Mrs. Illinois America – Nicole Cook

By on August 25, 2014
Nicole Cook - Mrs. Illinois America

Hello! My name is Nicole Cook and my Pomeranian’s full name is Lil’ Ginger Foxy Roxy Cook, but we just call her Roxy. I am married to a wonderful husband, Grant, who is a successful mechanical engineer and talented musician, and we make our home in a western suburb of Chicago in Illinois.

Currently I am a part-time Spanish teacher at a private Montessori school teaching Pre-K through 5th grade. I also own my own business called Royal Transformations and am an independent products presenter for the all-naturally based cosmetic and skincare company, Younique Products!… and most recently I became Mrs. Illinois America 2014 and I will be competing in the Mrs. America Pageant on August 29th in Tucson, Arizona. Roxy has actually been pretty involved in my year of service thus far, and she is truly the love of our lives and brings us so much joy so I’m probably going to be sharing more of her story then mine but isn’t that the case with most of us Pommy Mommies?

Mrs.-Illinois-2-682x1024Roxy actually came to us in a pretty surprising way. See, my husband and I have only been married for 2 years, and soon after we were first married I started talking about getting a dog (the obvious first step before having kids, right?) I talked about how I had seen this book about “The cutest dog in the world” named Boo and I decided to see what kind of dog it was. Well, as you’re probably aware, Boo is a Pomeranian with a “lion cut” and I decided that’s exactly what I wanted. However, after much discussion about our living situation (a small apartment on the 3rd floor), the fact that we were just married, his job situation, etc. we decided perhaps we should wait at least a year before getting a dog…. well…. I guess God had other plans for us. I always had dog’s throughout my life but never a Pomeranian.

Only 2 months after we were married, over Thanksgiving, my husband and I traveled to visit his family and soon learned that his sister, Anna, was looking for a dog to keep her company at college. In fact, they had just visited a pet store close by where they sell puppies from local breeders and though they didn’t find the Yorkshire Terrier that she was looking for, “they did have the most adorable Pomeranian there.” My husband quickly explained to his sister and mother that we had decided NOT to get a dog yet, and gave the various reasons, to which they had seemingly simple and rational solutions (teach her to go on potty pads, she’s little and won’t need too much exercise, she’ll keep Nicole company while you’re away on business, etc.)  So, while he was out the next day, they took me to “just look” at this precious Pomeranian.

It was love and first sight – she was literally everything that I wanted and exactly what I had decided I would wait for until I found: she would only be 5-7lbs full grown, her coat was the perfect color, and she was a little girl and the sweetest, snuggliest thing. I had to have her, so when my husband called and ask what the girls were up to, I coyly replied, “I’m holding our baby fox in my arms.” He was quite shocked, to say the least, so I put her on hold so that we could adequately discuss the pros and cons, but we are both SO grateful that the pros won out because she truly couldn’t be the more perfect dog for us.

n cook 1Roxy is now full grown and a little over 6lbs, but she still looks like a baby fox. She is just as sweet as ever, loves to snuggle, and we joke that she has “the fastest tongue in the west,” because she will lick you to death, if you let her! She is pretty playful, especially with my husband, and though she loves that we’ve moved into a bigger house with a yard she can run in, her favorite things are going on walks, chewing on a chew stick, and of course, begging for people food (we try to limit her, but it’s just too hard to say no to that face)! Her best friend in the world is a little 7lb Yorkie named, Ranger (yes, it’s the Yorkie that my sister-in-law got that has now become my in-law’s dog . He only lives 20 minutes away). They are the funniest to watch when they play together, and my mother-in-law, Susan, and I joke that we should record them and put it on YouTube because they would be the next sensation!

Roxy is very loyal and is my little shadow as I spend a lot of time at home with her. She is also very intelligent, really listens to me, and has a few tricks that she can perform including come, sit, stay, lay, shake, and speak. She does bark some, especially when someone walks by with another dog or knocks on the door, but she calms down pretty quick and will stop if I get after her about it. She is very social too and likes to visit and play with other dogs, besides just Ranger. She sheds pretty moderately and certain seasons are worse than others, but I find that if I brush her regularly it really isn’t that bad. I bathe her, give her “sani-cuts,” and grind her nails, she sleeps in the bed with us, travels with us, and wears clothes on occasion… can you tell we still don’t have kids? 😉

Some Fun Facts about Roxy:

  • What food she eats:  Roxy was eating Simply Nourish Grain Free food but I recently switched her to Innova Grain Free and she LOVES it!
  • Favorite snack: She is obsessed with the Dingo bones or chew sticks
  • Favorite treat:  She LOVES the peanut butter spray that goes in Kong toys (I use it as a bribing tool sometimes for nail clippings and such), and Simply Nourish freeze-dried fruit, but for every day rewards she usually eats chicken flavored treats from Blue Buffalo… and of course Pommy Mommy Treats.
  • Favorite people food: Eggs or chicken for sure, but she also really likes most fruits like blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, etc. (I know she can’t have grapes)
  • Favorite toy: Anything that has that crunchy sound inside and she LOVES those toys that have the big toy and then the little ones that stuff inside so she has to dig them out. Martha Stewart has a couple in the shape of an owl and frog that are her favs – definitely recommended because they keep them busy too! 😉
  • Unusual habits: I swear my Pom is more like a cat – she will perch on top of chairs and couches, lick her paws and clean her own face, sleep on her back with her head on a pillow – I just love her!
  • Funniest thing she does: She spins around like crazy whenever she’s excited. And, in the morning, she LOVES to dig in the sheets trying to “get” whatever is under there, but she tires out after a while and flops over on her side huffing and puffing – so cute!
  • Scariest thing she does: I hate it when she reverse sneezes, but I’m so glad I read the article here on Pommy Mommy about how it’s pretty normal and to keep calm.
  • Sweetest thing she does: If I make sounds like I’m sad or crying, she will run up with her ears down and try to lick my face (even more so than normal) to try and comfort me. She’s my baby.
  • Her favorite outfit:  She definitely goes crazy for her walking dress – it’s a harness with a little tutu attached to the back and it’s so cute, but I think she loves it so much because she knows she gets to go on a walk if I put it on her.
  • Her least favorite outfit:  Roxy HATES anything on her head (bows, hats, headbands, hoods, you name it) and she always has. 🙁 She also doesn’t like anything on her feet at all, so the bunny slippers and cute Halloween socks were off right away, lol.
  • How she travels:  Roxy is a GREAT traveler but probably because she was in a car a lot right when we first got her. We just put her carrier on the center console and she goes in and out as she wants. She’s been on an airplane once too and did pretty well with it – we did give her a little children’s Benadryl (recommended by our vet) to help her too.
  • Why we love Pommy Mommy – As I mentioned before, this is my first Pomeranian and though I’m a pretty good mommy on my own, it’s nice to have the support of others that have similar experiences or more long-term expertise. That’s why we love this site and all the people that help contribute to it. THANKS POMMY MOMMY!!


Although I fell in love with Boo… and wanted a Pomeranian just like him, I decided not to be a copy cat… and… after visiting a friend’s Pomeranian, Gus, who had a lion cut, I found that his fur was rather coarse and not as pretty. My groomer told me later that some Pomeranian’s fur won’t grow back fully if you cut it really short – that only the undercoat will grow in. Now, this may only be true for SOME Pomeranians, but I wasn’t willing to take the risk since Roxy has the softest and most beautiful fur. Oh, and she’s a girl, so Boo didn’t really fit, and she looks like a fox… hence Foxy Roxy. 🙂

Roxy is now a pretty famous Pom, at least in our neighborhood and community. Her sweet demeanor and walking dress with a tutu make her instantly recognizable by everyone in our neighborhood, and they always stop us when we’re on our walks to visit with us and (mostly) to pet her.

Roxy has also been in the media and to a couple of appearances with me as Mrs. Illinois America! She was a big part of my photo shoot for Mrs. America and she was even in the LaGrange Pet Parade, which claims to have been the very FIRST pet parade in the America!

If you’d like to learn more about Roxy and her Pommy Mommy, Nicole, you can visit Nicole’s websites www.nicolerash.com and www.nicole-cook.com, follow us on Instagram @nicole_rash and I finally decided to start an Instagram just for Roxy (because she deserves it! Lol)  @FoxyRoxythePom, or search “Mrs. Illinois America” on Facebook!