Pommy Mommy of the Week: Patrique Hurd

By on May 14, 2014

patriqueI am a semi-retired Theatre Director and performer and have been rescuing Pomeranians, Chihuahua and small breeds for over 25 years here in Connecticut.

Now that I no longer own my own home, I am restricted to only having three pets. Currently I have a little boy Chihuahua that came from a rescue down in Tennessee as well as my senior Pomeranian, Tika. She is my little Diva, and she rules the roost! You would never know that’s she’s almost eleven years old! Tigger, the chihuahua from Tennessee was originally a foster, but Tika decided she was in love, so he’s now her happy chubby hubby! So…  my Pom is also a Cougar!

tikaI adopted Tika as a senior Pom from a person who decided she was unable to care for her because of her illness. When I picked her up during the adoption process she was way underweight and was covered in fleas. I didn’t know how bad the infestation was until I got her home and gave her not one but two flea baths. She was so happy.

Ever since I brought her home she has always been the center of attention… so much so that I bring her with me to rehearsals at the Theatre… being only 4.5 lbs, I pretty much just carry her around with me. I think she’s a better actor than I am. I just did a fundraiser for my church where Tika was onstage with me while I sang! She really knows how to work an audience!

life-saverOne of the funniest things that Tika does when I’m just waking up is she’ll climb up on my chest and swat me in the face because she doesn’t think I’m getting up quick enough to take her out. Obviously, someone is a little spoiled but every time she does it… she still makes me laugh.

Rescuing small breeds, especially Pomeranians is the greatest gift I believe I can give the world. I love being a Pommy Mommy to Tika and a Chihuahua Mama to little Tigger.