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Treat of the Month Club

Hi Pommy Mommy here…

I wanted to share with you why I created the Pommy Mommy Treat of the Month Club.

As you know, I have adopted seven rescue Pomeranians  … Maggie, Sheika
Sophia, Yoki, Mika, Niko and Luka… with Maggie, Sheika, Mika, Luka and “Little” Sophia going to The Rainbow Bridge.

When they came to me they were mistreated, neglected and needed a lot of TLC.

When Sophia was rescued she was left for dead next to a garbage heap and needed to be shaved because her whole body was full of mats. She was only 3 pounds and scared to death of everything when she came to live with me, so she was very protective of her personal space and did not get along with the other two girls at first.

The best thing I could do being their Pommy Mommy was to love and care for them so that they are part of my Pommy family. I take… and will always take the responsibility of being a Pommy Mommy very seriously… so I needed to prove to them that they would never have to feel or experience what they went through ever again… and that is my promise to them… and you.

Obviously you can tell that I am 100% passionate about rescue Pomeranians.  One of my very basic missions in life is to adopt a few more (my husband wants to buy a ranch so every rescue Pomeranian will have a great home) but until “Pommy Mommy Ranch” is bought and built I want to make sure that all the Pomeranians that need a home find one… there’s too many needing a home out there waiting.

double-pommy-treatsAs much as I have given to them… they bring me  joy and show me love every single day irrespective of what is going on in my life.

I cannot imagine my life being complete without them.

When all my Pomeranian girls first came into my life I had to get their diet right and make them feel special.

I hunted for… and tested every treat possible with the Pomeranians.

Some treats were too big for them to get into their mouth, some too hard since their teeth were not strong or were missing (Maggie came to us with eight… yes the number 8 teeth in her mouth), so it was really difficult to chew them.

Some treats my little girls just did not eat at all. They just
rubbed their noses against them and walked away in disgust… hilarious… but still disappointing.

So I decided to do something out of the ordinary… If you know me, I only eat “Organic” or healthy food… so why in the world would I ever feed my Pomeranians anything else but the same.

I couldn’t find what I wanted for my “babies”, so I looked up different recipes for dog treats and started baking my own replacing the key ingredients with “Organic” or Natural so I knew that only the best was going into my furry babies’ bodies. .

Over time I perfected each recipe and because I believe that variety is the “spice of life”,  I bake a different flavor recipe every month. When they see me in the kitchen, and smell the treats they know
what is going on. They bark, spin around and are super attentive to me
as they know something special is on the way.

This has turned into a monthly project. Whether it is cinnamon dog treats around Christmas, pumpkin around Thanksgiving or white yogurt bits around Valentine’s Day, every month is special.

I can’t help it… I love spoiling them.

Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

When they wag their little tails and bark with anticipation it makes me smile with joy… and realize why I’m a Pommy Mommy.

And since you have a Pomeranian wether from a breeder or Rescue, I want to share these treats with you. I know only you will understand what it feels like to hold, cuddle and care for your baby and be a Pommy Mommy.

Since I have launched PommyMommy.com and the Pommy Mommy Facebook Fanpage, tons of my Pommy Mommy friends online have been asking me to send them treats for their little furry babies.

Now your Pomeranian can share the same treats Yoki and Niko eat.

However I want to give you a fair warning. There are only so many treats I can personally make and ship out each month. As much as I love this stuff I cannot bake these 24/7 every day of the week.

I know my furry babies would not approve of me spending all my time away from them… even though they are right next to me in the kitchen.

Instead of sending you just one bag of dog treats for that special Pomeranian in your life I have decided that it would be easier if I know your order upfront and send them to you every single month.

This way I know in advance for the month and I can create all the treats fresh and send them out to you and your furry baby when I am making them for my babies.

In order for me to handle your orders personally I have created this option for you and your furry baby.



The Pommy Mommy Treat of the Month Club…

For $7.99 a month you get the following shipped directly to your door or inbox on autopilot

•     A 5oz pack of hand baked and fresh to your door… leaving my kitchen within 24 hours of baking to your Pomerainan.
•      Special exclusive offers only to club members on any of the Pommy Mommy items when we get them. We will only be offering limited number of items for sale when we get them but you will be assured that you get first notification.

By the way, if your Pomeranian does not like the treats or you need to stop for any reason, you can cancel at any time. No questions asked.

Just call me personally at the Pommy Mommy office… 214.702.8103 or send me an email… tara @ pommymommy (dot) com and we will take care of any cancellation requests immediately.

I am only going to be able to do this for a limited amount of Pommy Mommy friends.

Do not delay. Be part of the Pommy Mommy Treat of the Month Club today… my Pommy gang and I look forward to being part of your life every month.

Peace, Love, Pomeranians
-The Pommy Mommy


PS. Don’t forget my treats are 100% Natural and are the perfect size for any size Pomeranian.

P.S.S. All treats are shipped out on the 15th of each month. If you sign up after the 15th your order will be shipped out the next month on the 15th. (for example: if you sign up on November 16th your treat order won’t be shipped until December 15) 

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