Pommy Mommy of the Week: Christal McBride

By on October 6, 2014

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I am originally from South Alabama, but I currently live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Roll Tide, Y’all!

After living so many years with Lil Bit, I knew I would always have Poms, and upon moving to Tuscaloosa, I knew it was time for another Pom. Lil Bit, is the teeny Parti Pom in the photo with me, she is the one that started my obsession with the Pomeranian breed. I’m embarrassed to say that my parents purchased her from a “backyard” breeder. We brought “Bit” home when I was only 12 years old, and I fell head over heels in love with this fabulously fluffy fur ball!

Unfortunately, like most poorly bred Pomeranians, Lil Bit suffered from many ailments, including diabetes. Last Christmas, we lost Lil Bit to kidney failure. I was devastated and cried for weeks… I still tear up thinking about her. I’ve come to realize that, although she might not be with me, she is the one who sparked my passion for Poms, and she is who inspired me to fill my home with them! I am forever indebted to her spirit.

image (4)The decision to adopt was always a no brainer for me. While we loved Lil Bit dearly, I saw what agony an uneducated purchase had caused our family. When I got Zoe, I was also very familiar with the plight of homeless animals in this country. I knew adoption was the route for me.

When I moved from Fairhope to Tuscaloosa to attend the University of Alabama, I missed Lil Bit so much.  Once I had my own apartment in 2011, I knew the main thing I needed to make this house a home was a Pom. I knew this time I wouldn’t be purchasing a puppy. I wanted to adopt an adult. I searched high and low at every shelter, rescue, and humane society within a five hour radius, and guess what? No Poms!

I finally looked on Craigslist. A lady had posted that she was rehoming her mother’s dog for FREE! The mother had gone into assisted living and couldn’t take this dog with her.

I agreed to meet the lady in a parking lot, near where she lived. The woman opened her window, without even a greeting she passed Zoe to me and drove away. I was in a little bit of shock from the woman’s actions but looked down at a very dirty and matted, Zoe. We bonded instantly. It’s like this little brindle girl had been mine all along.

The next Pom that came into my life and stayed is Marbles, my chocolate brown and white Pom. I had gone to our local shelter for traps to “trap and release” some feral cats that were hanging around the complex. As I walked through the kennels, I saw Marbles and I fell in love! There was just one problem… his kennel card said “no male dogs”.  This was not good because I have a 13 year puppy mill survivor and “honorary” Pom (he’s actually a Chi), Dexter, who, you guessed it, is a male. Total bummer.

image (5)While I was there I took his picture and sent it to my friend who actually came to the shelter and wound up adopting Marbles. Flash forward a few months… I had to dogsit Marbles for several weeks and I gave him back right before Christmas of 2013.

My friend and I had dinner Christmas night and she started telling me how Marbles was so miserable and a complete terror since she got him back. She asked if I would like to have him back, permanently. Since he and Dexter had become best buds, I jumped at the offer. When I went to pick up Marbles, he came barreling around the corner, jump all over me, then flew out the door to my car. He’s been with us ever since.

Next, we have August. I had applied to adopt a French Bulldog this past March, but I hadn’t heard back from them, and I was beginning to give up. I went to Paws in the Garden, a rescue event in Birmingham, Alabama. I saw this lady walk in with biggest Pomeranian I had ever seen. I could tell from a distance he was super matted… and it disturbed me.  I then saw the lady place an “adopt me” vest on him… when I saw that, I new I had to meet him! I asked a bunch of questions about him, and I found out August, then Chester, was estimated it be 10 years old.

I have such an affinity for seniors and then he licked my nose, well, I was sold. I adopted him from Shelby Humane Society that day! Oh, and of course, I got home and the other rescue called to say I was approved for the French Bulldog, named Pandora. She brings the canine count to five!

For the most part, my Poms were in decent shape when I adopted them. They definitely needed a good groom, but that was about it. Since I work with a rescue, I have seen Pomeranians in much worse condition. Two Poms, Michelle and Courtney come to mind. These girls were both puppy mill surrenders. If I had to guess, I would have said tiny Michelle had been dropped at some point. Her eyes were vacant, and I assumed she had brain damage. Courtney had a yeast infection that covered her entire body. It was awful. The good news is that Michelle was adopted by her fabulous foster mom, who also follows your page! She’s doing wonderfully, and her mom, Lynn, is a huge advocate for mill survivors. Courtney was also adopted by a wonderful family, along with another Pom, Sparrow.

image (2)I can say all three of my Poms have cute little quirks. First, there is Zoe. You cannot trust her around kittens. She will steal them for her own. No joke. She slipped her harness one day and took off into the neighbor’s yard. She came back with a kitten she had stolen. Marbles is also a hoot. He hoards squeaky toys. When a new foster comes in, he picks out his favorite squeaky toys and hides them. He also enjoys tearing the toy open, getting the squeaky, and then hoarding the plastic squeaky piece. Then, there’s my sweet Auggie boy. This kid is a total mama’s boy, and he cracks me up because when you pick him up he clings to you like a spider monkey. You can actually hold him on your hip like a toddler.

Well, my degree from UA is in accounting, but I work for a company called RFMS, which is one of the largest providers of software for the flooring industry. The software has some pretty extensive features, so I test those features to make sure the client gets updates that work properly.

Luckily, my office is about ten minutes from my house, so I am able to go home on lunch. This means the fur kids aren’t home alone for more than four hours. I’m blessed to have a job where I work the traditional 8-5, Monday to Friday, 40 hour weeks job, so I can have plenty of time with my canine menagerie. Thank you Pommy Mommy for the opportunity to tell my story.