Pommy Mommy of the Week: Kaycee Banfield

By on October 13, 2014
Pommy Mommy of the Week: Kaycee Banfield

I work in administration for a commercial real estate company. Gino is known as the office dog. I bring him into the office every now and then. At one point, my boss was having a meeting with many men in the conference room, construction companies, etc. They were planning the development and construction of a new business complex. I left Gino by my desk and ran to the bathroom, when I came back he was gone. I looked in the conference room, and about 10 men had him prancing around the table on top of their blue prints, laughing and giggling like little school girls at how cute he was. It was so sweet. Pommy Mommy of the Week: Kaycee Banfield

I truly believe my Pomeranian was a blessing to my husband and I. We have had a very rough year. It was our first year of marriage, and a long with this beautiful loving time, we had some heartache with sickness and disease. I am an only child, and very close with my parents. My dad was diagnosed with MS 5 months ago, and was not doing well. He was forced to leave his job, and stop doing something that made him very happy. He was having difficulty with his vision and would lose it at times, sometimes not being able to see at all. Being his only daughter, I had a very difficult time seeing my dad struggle with this terrible illness. With all the doctors appointments and treatments, I found myself falling into a depression quickly. My father is my hero, and I can’t imagine my life without him. Pommy Mommy of the Week: Kaycee Banfield

Pommy Mommy of the Week: Kaycee BanfieldOn top of all that my Grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. It had spread into her brain and throughout her body. I come from a very close family, so having two people very important to me being very ill was extremely tough for me to deal with. I was trying to maintain my job, and a relationship with my husband without negatively impacting both of those important thing as the walls felt like the were tumbling down around me.  Pommy Mommy of the Week: Kaycee Banfield

My husband is a wonderful man, and as difficult as I was with my depression, he stood by my side and took care of me. We do not have any children yet, and it saddened me to think that my grandmother wasn’t going to be on this earth much longer, and would never get to see or meet her great grandchild. However, that all changed when Gino came along. After weeks of sadness and finding myself having a hard time coping with the stress, I realized that something was missing. I know my husband and I were not ready for a child yet, especially with everything going on. But I felt it may be time for a furchild. I saw an add with a Pomeranian in it, and fell in love with its darling face, as did my husband. It was a Wednesday night, and we were laying in bed. We both then agreed lets get a dog!

At this point we lived in a one bedroom apartment where pets weren’t an option. We had so much sadness going on, that the joy and excitement of finding the perfect dog took our minds off things. The next day at work I ran a quick search. I found many Poms in my area costing a thousand dollars or more. This wasn’t practical for my husband and I. Finally, I saw an ad and it just Said “Pom Pups for Sale”, when I called, I talked to the sweetest lady. I expressed to her how we were looking for our first furry child. We hit it off, and she sent me pictures of her pups immediately. Her pricing was exactly in our budget and she was only a half hour away! I was so excited.

Pommy Mommy of the Week: Kaycee BanfieldI was so excited that I totally forgot we weren’t allowed any dogs in my apartment, but that didn’t stop us from bringing home our little bundle of joy. When we arrived on Saturday to pick up our pup, I had picked one in the pictures that I had my mind set on. When I picked him up from the owner, he was very uneasy, wimpering and squirming. Not content at all.

We made the money exchange, and were about to head out the door… I felt an uneasiness. It was weird but the whole time I was talking to the woman their was a little guy at my feet… I kept looking down at him and he kept looking up at me.  He was promised to someone coming in from out of town, actually Boston, to pick him up. As we were about to walk out I notice my husband staring at him as well. He was as happy as could be at our feet, almost saying “NO, take me! I want to go!” As I glanced at the lady, I started to say, “May I exchange puppies? I don’t think this one really wants me?”. She said, “This little one here picked you, you can tell he wants to go with you. You have a connection.” I put the other dog in my arms down and he went right to the owner.That is when we first met our little Gino. Pommy Mommy of the Week: Kaycee Banfield

Gino1He came right to us and was such a bundle of joy. A week after we picked up Gino… we left our one bedroom apartment and moved into a 2 bedroom town home. Now Gino has a lot more room and uses every square inch of it. Gino has made our lives so much better. He is as spoiled as spoiled gets. He saved me and got me out of a depressing rut I was stuck in. My grandma has enjoyed her great “furry” grandchild, and as any Great grandma would do… has spoked him with lots of fun toys. My dad and mom also enjoy their grandchild and of course spoil him rotten. He is truly apart of our family and brought so much joy and light into an atmosphere that was gloomy. He is our little blessing from God. I always say, “we didn’t choose Gino, Gino chose us.” Being Gino’s Pommy Mommy brings me so much joy and knowing everyday I get to come home to his sweet face, always make me smile.