Pommy Mommy of the Week: Trelayna Stormborn

By on September 15, 2014

Pommy Mommy - Trelayna Stormborn

Pommy Mommy - Trelayna StormbornI was a Pommy Mommy before but after after losing my precious furry best friend, Dexter in 2012… I needed some time to let my heart heal. I had him for ten wonderful years before his health problems got so bad, and we had to euthanize him.  I knew I’d probably be a Pommy Mommy again some time in the future, but I thought it wouldn’t be for a very long time… my heart just didn’t seem like it was healing.

However, after about six months or so, I found myself looking at sites like Petfinder, and dozens of different rescues/adoption services. I was really missing Dexter. I hate to admit it but I was still crying myself to sleep, and feeling like there was a huge hole in my heart… everyday. I needed to get another Pomeranian!! I knew it. With each search I felt a sense of calmness come over me knowing that one of these little furry babies would be mine soon.

In my search, I stumbled across the profile for a very handsome little Pom named Lexington. I felt so drawn to his story and sweet face… and then the sentence “he loves his daddy/friend Carmine so much, they would love to go to their forever home together.”
Pommy Mommy - Trelayna Stormborn“Two dogs?” I thought. No way… I can’t take two Pomeranians… can I. Talk about second guessing and being unsure. So I meandered over Carmine’s profile “just for a look”. Yep, that look had me hooked.  The second I saw his precious face, I knew there were two Pomeranians in my not so distant future. pommy mommy

I don’t think I could whip my cell phone out fast enough. My fingers were working overtime to dial the number… I immediately set up an appointment to see them.  The woman at the rescue warned me that they both of those precious babies were very nervous and anxious around new people. Carmine and Lexington were rescued from a “hoarder house” where they were completely neglected. I didn’t care and was really excited to go meet them… I was going to be a Pommy Mommy again. pommy mommy

A Pommy Mommy again.

Pommy Mommy - Trelayna StormbornI had to wait almost a week to go down to the rescue where they were in Auburn, WA. The wait was complete torture. I drove out to the rescue and the moment they were let out of their kennels, both dogs ran straight to me and kissed me all over my face, as if they’d already known me for years. The woman was completely astounded that they hadn’t even barked at me, and just skipped straight to immediate love. It was meant to be!

I’ve had these two precious boys in my life for a year and a half now, and they’ve not only filled the void in my heart, they’ve enriched my life, and are the hands-down best cuddlers I’ve ever met! They are goofy and sweet, loyal and protective, and even when they try to steal my food, I love them forever. One of my favorite things they do is pretend that they’re wolves when they play with each other. They open their mouth really wide and make funny noises when they play “attack” each other! It’s hilarious. Luckily, my fiancé and I have the same days off work, and on the days we DO work, we have opposite schedules, so there’s always someone home to play with these two amazing Poms! pommy mommy