Your Child My Child Pomeranian Decal

$12.99 $6.95

Let everyone know who your baby really is! This funny vinyl decal can be placed on your car, notebook, laptop etc… Every Pommy Mommy who truly is obsessed with their Pommy; and treats them like a baby should have one!

Each decal is made of high quality vinyl. It is an all-weather adhesive decal that will stay put through all weather, sun and washing. It is designed to be used on the outside of your window or other surface. The decal can be removed, but will not be reusable after removal.

Easy to apply to:

❤ Windows
❤ iPads
❤ Laptops
❤ Binders
❤ Lacquered hardwood
❤ Smooth Walls
❤ Metal
❤ Aluminum

Application directions are included with every decal.