FTX – All Natural Flea & Tick Spray for Pomeranians

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All Natural FTX™ Flea & Tick spray was created to kill fleas and ticks on contact as well as daily spray preventative. FTX™ is a proprietary formula specifically created with long-haired Pomeranians in mind without any harsh medications or chemicals that can cause allergies, vomiting or seizures.

Applying directly to the skin with the convenient spray pump helps prevent fleas & ticks from bothering your precious pup without any unwanted skin irritation or residue.

Do not spray mist into your Pomeranian or small breed’s eyes – it may cause minor irritation… and nobody really likes to get sprayed in the eyes anyway.

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Directions for Use: Spray directly onto skin if ticks or fleas are present. To prevent fleas or ticks spray on coat just before allowing in grass or wooded area. If your dog gets wet reapply spray as needed.

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