Mystery Pommy Box – Pomeranian-sized toys and treats


On many occasions when I am looking for Plush Dog toys for one of my “themed” Pommy Boxes the plush dog toy company will tell me that they don’t have all the Pomeranian sized toys I was asking for. Almost always they are to cute to pass up, so I decided that I am going to offer them as fun single boxes for Pommy Mommy’s that want to “try before you buy”. I know that you will love these awesome Pommy Boxes and the mystery just adds in all the fun.

Each Mystery Pommy Box contains: 

  1. … a “Full Size” container of Pommy Mommy dog treats
  2. … dog treats that are 100% Natural and Made in the USA
  3. … a mystery Plush Dog Toy – Pomeranian-sized
  4. … a bonus package of misc. gourmet treats
  5. … fun seasonal accessories
  6. … and a Special note from Pommy Mommy