Pomeranian Love Stories

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Through the course of my life as a Pommy Mommy I have met some of the most amazing people. Like me they decided it was the best idea to adopt a Pomeranian from a Pomeranian Rescue, Shelter or taking one in from other means. I believe that rescuing an endangered, neglected, abused or puppy mill survivor Pomeranian takes a special kind of love. The Pomeranian breed is an intelligent, sensitive and sturdy dog that make them, in my opinion, woman and man’s best friend. It is because of these traits and more, some can argue that make bringing a rescue Pomeranain into your home a terrific love story. Through many channels that other Pommy Mommies like yourself have contacted me such as; Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube and my extremely popular blog, I have been sent many stories. This book takes you through many of the stories that have been submitted to me from Pommy Mommies all over the world. Each has taken the time to let their heart bleed through their pen or keyboard and tell their own Love Story.