Walter… Puppy Mill Stud Survivor

By on October 22, 2014

Puppy Mill Stud SurvivorWalter is a Puppy Mill Stud Survivor who lived the horrific life of a stud male in a puppy mill in New Jersey. The mill must have had many Pomeranians because he has a tattoo of the number 50 on his belly, we guess for identification. It is hard to imagine seeing this little guy toughing it out in a cage every day. Puppy Mill Stud Survivor

It took a while for me to be ready for another furkid, after the loss of my Beagle. When we thought the time was right, my husband and I began the search with our hearts set on a Pomeranian. I just think they are just the CUTEST!! Adopting was the only thing that I or my husband would do… in our search we found A Tail to Tell Puppy Mill Rescue It was a perfect match as we found out.

A Puppy Mill Stud SurvivorPuppy Mill Stud Survivor

Puppy Mill Stud SurvivorWhen we called A Tail to Tell about adopting a Pomeranian the said they had a very cute Pom named JC. So, the people who run the rescue brought JC to our home for an interview. We instantly fell in LOVE! We knew within seconds that this little boy found his forever home. When Walter came home he had a few issues but overcame most of them and still have a few to work through. Due to the length of time that Walter spent living outdoors in a cage in the mill, he is very skittish with everyday sounds in our home. He jumps when we close cabinet doors. He is very afraid of the sounds from the washer and dryer.  Laundry day is a tough one for Walter. We set up a fan or TV for him so it conceals the sounds coming from the laundry room. We  hold him and pet him to let him know that he is okay, despite the every day sounds that startle him.

One thing we were hoping for was that he would like toys. We tried to teach Walter that toys can be fun. He has no interest from years as a puppy mill stud without toys.

Since he was dog toy adverse, he did let us know that belly rubs where a quick favorite… so we give him as many belly rubs as he wants.  We need to be careful because Walter is very sensitive around his chest. We surmise this is because of he was probably trapped harshly and tossed from cage to cage to impregnate female Pomeranians in the Puppy Mill. Due to this sensitivity he has become very particular as to who can hold him. It’s definitely on his terms.  He LOVES to be held, though.  Hopefully, he will soon realize that the two go hand in hand.  Puppy Mill Stud Survivor

Puppy Mill Stud SurvivorI may be a little biased but I believe he would be so happy if his “Pommy Mommy” could hold him all day. He and I love the time we spend cuddling. It was obvious that Walter wasn’t getting any Vet care at the Puppy Mill especially when it came to his teeth, I guess dentals weren’t in the Puppy Mill budget. So, now Walter has no teeth. This causes his little tongue to stick out the side of his mouth because he has no teeth to keep it in. Thankfully, it just adds to his cuteness! Treats need to be very small and soft.  His food has to be moistened.  We make a lot of boiled chicken!     His tongue can become dry and we have to moisten it with Vaseline. When Walter gets noticed for his tongue sticking out, which happens often, we use that as an opportunity to educate about puppy mills.

Walter had never been taken for a walk.  We had to get him comfortable with a harness.  He didn’t know what to do when we headed out with his harness and leash.  It took a lot of encouragement with treats and patience to show him that walks are enjoyable.

Walter is a bit of a ladies’ man and has several girlfriends… human and canine! As you can see from his pictures, he is often compared to the famous Pom, Boo. He has his own Facebook Fan Page to keep in touch with his fans. Walter has a way of bringing a smile to many faces because of his quirky little cuteness. When you meet him… you can’t help but love him. Puppy Mill Stud Survivor

Puppy Mill Stud SurvivorEver since he came to my husband and I he has brought us so much joy everyday. I try hard to not imagine what the poor little guy has been through… it is just too heartbreaking. In a effort to try to educate unknowing potential pet owners of the horror of Puppy Mills and their survivors we take Walter everywhere to tell his story. Puppy Mill Stud Survivor

We want Walter to only know the good life. So we have humorously referred to his time with us as “Walter’s Retirement”. As a good retiree Walter really appreciates a warm bed and naps. After working with him a bit, he now loves to go for rides in the car, walks in the park, and chase squirrels. Did I mention naps? We love Walter and the joy that he brings to our home and family each day. We are so happy to provide him with the life he deserves. Maybe one day, we will double the fun and cuteness!!… and naps! Puppy Mill Stud Survivor