ENZYMX™ All Natural Antioxidant Formula


My concentrated formula of ENZYMX™ All Natural Antioxidant Formula provides your Pomeranian with an enzyme-rich food source plus powerful natural antioxidant protection. The “live” enzymatic ingredients add to the key nutrition needed to increase your Pom’s longevity while providing the quality building blocks to cleanse toxins and free radicals from their body.

ENZYMX™ All Natural Antioxidant Formula breaks nutrient molecules down into elemental form for proper nutrient uptake during the digestive process. Similarly, carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars, such as a monosaccharide, faster. Fats become fatty acids, nucleic acids become nucleotides, and proteins are broken down very quickly to amino acids. What this means is that your Pomeranian will get their proper nutrition faster and more efficiently.

Through the use of Pommy Mommy Naturals “ENZYMX™” All Natural Antioxidant Formula your Pomeranian’s digestive system will return to an optimal environment which will promote the production of your Pom’s own natural enzymes.

Derived from Natural Ingredients through Bio-Genisis. Formulated using only organic chemsitry.


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Pommy Mommy Naturals – ENZYMX™ All Natural Antioxidant Formula is a powerful solution compiling naturally occurring plant derived enzymes, extracted with water and plant based benzoic acid. Enzymes are are an essential factors in metabolic processes of organic and inorganic cofactors to complete a critical catalysis process of assembling the building blocks of life.

ENZYMX™ All Natural Antioxidant Formula greatly assists in your Pomeranian’s digestive system by increasing the digestibility of the food you feed them. Proper digestive function promotes improved digestion and absorption of nutrients from all food sources. A very important enzyme that is in my formula is Superoxide Dismutase. This enzyme is the best antioxidant you can ask for. If your Pomeranian has inflammation such as arthritis, joint pain or hip dysplasia ENZYMX™ All Natural Antioxidant Formula will provide relief by cleansing toxins and free radicals that create inflammation.

One of my favorite effects of my ENZYMX™ All Natural Antioxidant Formula is how beautiful Niko and Yoki’s coat looks and feels. Other really cool things are they seem more energetic then sleep like a rock. You can’t ask for a better supplement to your Pomeranian’s diet.

Adding ENZYMX to your Pomeranian’s Food

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