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Yoki giving you her “sad face”

Pommy Mommy was established because I decided at the time that I had three of the cutest Pomeranians in the world. I started my blog to share my three girls most spoiled lives… Maggie has since gone to The Rainbow Bridge (October 12, 2012) … but Yoki, “Little” Sophia and now Mika and Niko are keeping on with their spoiled lives and want me to still share it with the rest of the world… so I am. I have been in love with the Pomeranian breed ever since I was a little girl but my parents wouldn’t let me get one… it still urks me to this day.

When I became an adult (something that is still in question) I decided it was about time to rescue my favorite dog breed… so off to Petfinder.com I went, combing through every photo, profile and sad story of each rescue pet I saw… fighting back many tears, I kept pressing on. Most people would have just rescued one of the 100 dogs on the site but I had a goal.

I wanted to find 2 sister Pomeranians. I knew they were out there… and I was going to find them. Three months later after literally searching every single day I found my sister Poms… Shieka and Moeshie (I named her Maggie when I got home… I didn’t want all the other dogs in the neighborhood making fun of her).

maggie-in-balloonsMy boyfriend (now husband) and I drove all the way to Cleveland from Cincinnati in the snow (uphill, both ways, barefoot… O.K. maybe not) to rescue two little sisters that were left in a garage in the middle of winter with no blankets, food or people to love them. When we brought them home, I spoiled them right away and from then on I couldn’t pass a dress, shirt, stroller, dog bed, collar… whatever was cute I had to have it. Thank god for my husband, who for some reason became Mr. “Let’s be Reasonable” all of a sudden. (I think he was watching the TV Show “Hoarders” and became very frightened. Good thing.  BTW… I bought the stroller). We eventually moved to Albuquerque, NM… just because… and the girls got very used to Sunshine everyday and playing in the mountain air.

While in Albuquerque… two years into our move there, tragedy struck. Little Shieka had seizures and one of those seizures took her little baby life one day in April of 2009… it was a serious shock to our lives and I still think about her all the time. As time passed I decided to look for a little playmate for Maggie so back to Petfinder.com I went. This time it didn’t take me long to find little precious Yoki… so I got on a plane from Albuquerque, NM and flew to Kokomo, IN to pick up a 4lb bundle of energy. It took Maggie a little getting used to but they soon became friends… or at least tolerated each other.

sophia-super-modelOne day while I was Petfinder.com I happened upon a little rescue named “Princess” that was so adorable that I couldn’t stop going back to her page. I went to show my husband her profile but he laughed and just asked… “when are you flying out?… and how much are the plane tickets?” So off I went, back to Kokomo, IN to pick up a little, totally shaved Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix (she was 3 lbs and bald!) that I affectionately named Sophia,  who happened to  barked like a baby seal… it’s still hilarious.

So now with all my girls gathered together and living the very spoiled life… I decided we should all move to Las Vegas… so they could live the very spoiled… glamorous life. This is their story through my photos, videos and hopefully a little bit of wit.

After Maggie died we weren’t going to rescue anymore Pomeranians… famous last words. My husband saw a photo in his Facebook feed about a Pomeranian being at the Nevada SPCA for a little over 3 months… and thought we should investigate. We did and the Pom we were looking at didn’t get along with Yoki one bit. Since Yoki was vying for Alpha in the pack… that wasn’t a good sign.

We decided to take a stroll around the kennels and spotted the most beautiful Pomeranian hiding in the corner all shaved and scared to death. We inquired about her and found out she wouldn’t be available until a couple of days because she just had surgery and 17 teeth removed. Two days later we came back to get her, it was just after Thanksgiving. When she got home she adapted very quickly and just wanted to play. We never had Poms that played… it was a breath of fresh air.

Mika wound up having a botched Spay and developed a slight hernia… and we needed to get a copy of her medical records from the NSPCA. We walk in and are immediately told that there were two baby Pomeranians that just came in that day named “Lil Bit” and “Fluffy”… my husband laughed and I asked to go see them. When we saw them they were so little and dirty. Maria offered to let us hold them, both of them clung to us like little monkeys. I wanted to stick them in my purse right then but we just adopted Mika… two more Pomeranians. Oh no.

10428518_798556183534069_4430546382145759355_nWe left the NSPCA and my husband brought me to our favorite “Margarita” spot on the Vegas Strip and discussed the options about adopting two more Poms… to bring our count to five.  After a few Margarita’s we agreed it would be the right thing to do. The next day we went to pick up two more sister Pomeranians… or so we thought. When we asked to get “Lil Bit” and “Fuffy” we were told that they couldn’t be adopted because Lil Bit still needed to get neutered… I said “neutered, you mean spayed, right?” Maria, felt around and said, “nope… neutered, their both boys. Do you not want them?” She told us we could foster them and then adopt them if we wanted. I never had boy Poms… my husband quickly snapped, “ No boys are fine… we’ll take them”.

Lil Bit became Luka and Fluffy became Niko and that’s how the Pommy Mommy household became five. Luka has since gone over The Rainbow Bridge on September 17th, 2014 due to undetected heart worm. He is sorely missed. You can read Luka’s tribute and story here

I want to thank you for letting me bring my life as a Pommy Mommy into your life and hope that I can inspire you to keep rescuing Pomeranians, or being the best Pommy Mommy you can be… you are awesome.!

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Keena May 11, 2012 at 11:48 pm

Pommy Mommy, I loved loved loved the story on how u acquired your little bundles of joy. I feel so good knowing that there are others out there who are madly in love with their poms as I am with mine. I can relate with you on so many things for example driving from New York to Statesville, North Carolina to get Princess. Princess suffering from seziures. Buying everything I see clothes, dog carriers, strollers, you name it they have it. I just want you to know I appreciate your love for your Poms. As long as there are people like you and I, poms that we take in will forever be loved and spoiled. We do this one Pom at a time…

kelsey June 7, 2012 at 8:12 am

I also love this story I can completely relate with you I would go threw anything to be with my babies I have today. an male lhasa apso of two yrs and my oldest boy a yorkie of 4! I love reading your stories!!!

charisse June 17, 2012 at 2:40 am

Awwww! I am soooo glad you have given your pom girls a new lease on life! More blessings to you!

Jennifer Mullins June 23, 2012 at 10:15 pm

I love your stories and everything you are doing for these great little girls! I wish we had more people like you! I love my Otis.. there is no greater love than what a doggie can give! Thank you for all you are doing. I love it!!!


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