A Big Pomeranian Happy Easter from Maggie, Yoki and Sophia

By on April 9, 2012

Maggie was in full hunt mode this Easter as she led the first Pommy Mommy Easter Egg Hunt.  She decided to leave her Gourmet Dog Treats and traded them in for some good old fashioned colored eggs.  You can see here as she poses with her newly acquired stash that she was a very busy little girl.

As you can see from the picture to your right Yoki was looking high and low for her Easter eggs.  Since Yoki is much younger than her sisters she doesn’t have quite the egg hunting experience that they have… and once she found hers she refused to pose outside with them.  Little Miss Princess Yoki wanted them placed on her “blue blanky” inside the house so she could peruse her treasure.

I’m not sure what she was sniffing, but she was going to town.  It would have been so funny to see a little chick pop out and startle Little Miss Yoki… maybe next year.

I don’t think she’s ever seen a dog treat this big before, although she has probably dreamed of many.