Are your Pomeranians Possessive? My Luka is.

By on November 22, 2013

Are your Pomeranians Possessive?Having the Pommy Mommy Facebook Page and group I get many questions  like, are your Pomeranians Possessive?

Although I consider all of our Pomeranians my children and I spoil them rotten, I never thought I would see the day that one of my furry babies would be a selfish little brat. Like they say, “admitting is the first step”, well, our little boy Luka came to us a very possessive Pomeranian. Everything we bring into the house is his and the other dogs are not worthy of it, so he chases them away… or at least tries to. Mika sometimes has to lay a “Smackdown” on him when he gets a little too crazy… but for the most part Luka gets his way.

Are your Pomeranians Possessive?This past Spring when our Tortoise, Gorby, came out of hibernation, Luka didn’t leave his side. It seemed like Gorby was his little side kick all Spring and through out the Summer. The first place that Luka would go when he was let out to the backyard was to Gorby’s house… and basically Luka would bark (ring the doorbell) and Gorby would come out to play. It was fascinating to watch. If Niko or Mika would come anywhere near Gorby there was a low, visceral growl that came from the deep depths of somewhere dark emanating from Luka… sometimes it scared me… and it definitely kept Niko and Mika away. Yoki and Sophia refused to play any part of this non-sense. Pomeranians possessive

So… my Pomeranians Possessive.

One really funny story comes to mind when it comes to Luka’s possessive will, so to speak. I wanted to try out a new hair product that a friend of mine recommended and was raving about called Aussie. I have pretty much been a one hair product girl for as long as I can remember but I thought why not try it… change is always good. So I went to the website to find out more about Aussie and they were running some type of special if you bought shampoo & hair conditioner from their website they would send you a little surprise. So me being me I ordered the product… seriously just to see what the surprise would be. I know call me crazy. Pomeranians possessive

Are your Pomeranians Possessive?Doing what I do and my obsession with buying stuff online I get a lot of packages… so when the Aussie package came I didn’t pay too much attention… but guess who did… you guessed it, Luka. My little black bully would not let the package out of his sight… it was like he had x-ray vision. He sat next to the package all day until I decided to open it. When I did, he was jumping up and down like it was his last meal.  There were packing peanuts, shampoo, and conditioner in the package so I put it down and opened the rest of my mail. Obviously, I bought shampoo & conditioner so nothing big… but I forgot about the “surprise” that Aussie promised me. Luka didn’t… or at least that’s the way it looked. pomeranians possessive

Luka jumped in the 8″ x 8″ box and found what he was looking for… a 4 inch tall Kangaroo plush toy. It was like he was waiting for that toy his whole life. He grabbed it in his teeth and paraded it around the house all day. He has since hid it so no one, not even I could find it, but every now and then I’ll notice that he has Mr. Roo on the rug. If at anytime Niko or Mika gets close to him, a slow, deep visceral growl comes out and warns everyone that Luka is now in possession of Mr. Roo.

I thought I should do something about it but in reality it makes me laugh so hard when it happens and since there are no violent outbursts, I think the value of the hilarity is better than getting him to stop it. There are probably some Pommy Mommy’s out there with some Pomeranians possessive with an attitude, if you have some parenting advice on this subject… kindly write a comment below. I would really appreciate it.

Cecelia says:

Baby, my lil almost 3yr old pom (just a tiny thing) does the very same thing…she’s got this growl that makes her papa and my other non pom not want to mess with her…and of course she would never bite anyone I think she just like the way she can make them stop…

Anna says:

Pomeranians are the best. We had our golden girl CARMEN for 14 years and our Rascal PEPE for 11 years. Each had their own personality and both lived in harmony until new toys joined the picture. They always seemed to work it out. I miss them both terribly. some day in the future we will have another Pom but not just

Victoria says:

Morning from Liverpool, UK. I have Percy Pom Who is 2, have had him from a baby. He is exactly the same especially with socks but very naughty with it. He doesn’t stop at the growling he bites and sometimes very hard. I can’t brush him or do his nails without him becoming vicious. He seems to have accepted my husband as the Alpha but still won’t allow him to groom him in any way. We are currently taking him to obedience classes to try and stop it but In the meantime we have bought a pair of padded fire gloves which my husband holds him with to protect his hands whilst I brush. Has anyone else experienced this problem? This little fella is my life and apart from the odd nastiness he is wonderful and I love him more than anything

Pommy Mommy says:

Is he a rescue or did you get him from a breeder?

Victoria says:

I got him from a breeder. Picked him up at 8 weeks old, he wasn’t always snappy. As a pup he would allow me to groom him, cut his nails etc but as he’s gotten older he’s just decided not to let us do anything. He had an eye infection a month or so ago and we were given drops. I got them in for 2 days until he just decided no more. It seems to be as soon as you go towards him with anything, brush, clippers etc he just turns. Even groomers won’t touch him now he’s that naughty. I have to take him the vet to get his nails clipped because he gets so traumatised he poos himself. The vet says I need to touch his feet more and gradually introduce clippers but it’s no use I can touch his feet no problem but as soon as he sees the clippers he turns into a demon. My poor baby. Any ideas?

Pommy Mommy says:

We had a horrible time with Yoki but she was a Puppy Mill rescue. That’s why I asked. What we found was if we just kept talking softly and petting her through repetition. It calmed her down. We also use Rescue Remedy to calm her down and then my husband holds her and talks in a baby voice (that is the funniest thing to ever hear… but that’s another story) and holds her head away from the clippers, so she doesn’t see them. We also use the “open” scissor like clippers, instead of the looped clippers. Something obviously spooked him and it will take patience to get him back. Pomeranians need to know you have their back at all times and the best way to do that is by repetition and consistency. Hope this helps.

Victoria says:

Thanks for your reply. My husband does the same, talks to him like hes a baby, absolutely hysterical to listen too. I will persevere and see how we get on. Thanks again.

teresa says:

the picture with his kangaroo says it all!!!! Tooo cute

Echo says:

i have to ask, how is he if whatever he is in possession of is reached for? if someone else, ‘human’ tries to take it what does he do? if he gives it up, then that’s cool. but if he gets aggressive in any way that is what i would be worried about. and if he does i would have to put a stop to that behavior right fast.

Pommy Mommy says:

Actually he doesn’t get aggressive, like biting or getting mean about it. He just has a low visceral growl. If you try to take it from him he tries to pull it back but if you have it, no aggression… and definitely no biting. He will growl but never attack his litter mate brother or his adopted sisters. He’s a very good boy just funny about what he makes his possessions. Like Gorby our tortoise, really? It’s too funny.

annie says:

Seriously funny! Don’t believe there is a problem, he sets his boundaries, and everyone honors it. As long as you stay top dog.

Pommy Mommy says:

It is funny because he isn’t top dog in the house. Sophia and Yoki really are but Luka tries real hard to be Alpha. He has a little ways to go because Yoki isn’t going anywhere and she will never give up her crown of Princess of Everything.

melissa gordon says:

That is soooooooooooooo funny!!!!! You know Niko is my “favorite” of your gang, but now that I’m hearing this, I like Luka’s style!! hahaha!

Pommy Mommy says:

Yea… we do too. My husband named him Luka after Luca Brasi from the Godfather films because when we got him, he would bully everyone and barrel his way through to get to his turtles (basically they became his pets), his blanky, and his stuffed toys.