Do Pomeranians need Bordetella Vaccines?

By on March 13, 2015

Do Pomeranians need Bordetella Vaccines

These days talking about Vaccines for Pomeranian health issues as a layman or in my case laywoman can get you in a heated debate, that eventually ends with someone all mad at you saying, “Well you’re not a Veterinarian”. And they would be correct, I am not a Vet and will never claim to be. What I do consider myself as, is someone who actually cares what I subject my Pomeranian to. I know that medicines, drugs and symptoms are thrown down Vet’s throats and infused into their brains… that’s what they know but most of them don’t actually do the research on the drugs they prescribe. I know it sounds absurd but many Vet’s that I have come n contact with are educated about a drug by a “drug” company sales representative and is left up to do their own due diligence on the drug… which only happens with the very responsible Veterinarians. So we put our faith in a prescription that a Vet may or may not know much about. So goes the way of the Bordetella vaccine for your Pomeranian.

Vaccines in general have come under fire lately from advocate groups and Pomeranian parents and there are two sides that are relentless in their opinions… but here are some facts that both sides do agree on:

Bordetella is the name of a whole family of nasty bacteria. Bordetella pertussisparapertussis and bronchiseptica are a trilogy that leave phlegm and coughing in their wake. Although we are talking about Pomeranians here, pertussis and parapertussis can also be found in humans as “Whooping Cough”. Bronchiseptica is better known as “Kennel Cough” but is much harder to say.

Do Pomeranians need Bordetella VaccinesBordetella (kennel cough) is insanely contagious and can have complications… which can lead to in some cases to pneumonia. So it can be pretty serious.  Many Veterinarians compare it to the common cold (human) in it’s spreadability.  Most of the time Pom Parents get in an uproar over it but in a healthy Pomeranian, it really is more of an annoyance than an actual problem. I know as a Pommy Mommy it can sound horrible, all the choking, coughing and hacking seems like they can drop at anytime. As a so-called self-limiting ailment, which means it won’t get worse, it doesn’t usually require extensive treatment. Little puppies and older Pomeranians can develop conditions that may require additional attention, but very rarely.

Do Pomeranians need Bordetella VaccinesIf you have been to a dog park, a Vet’s office, a professional groomer or have boarded your Pomeranian in a Kennel… you’ve visited the best places to catch “Kennel Cough”… and why? -because all those places have one thing in common… exposure to many dogs in a confined environment. So what do the powers that be, create… a vaccine. Believing that if you are going to expose your Pom to that many dogs you should help them defend against the enemy… Bordetella. What always makes me laugh is that the Bordetella vaccine is required when you board your furry baby or take them to Doggy Day Care but somehow that sneaky little germ seems to still get your pup… doesn’t make sense does it? … and many Vets recommend a 6 month booster to keep your Pom healthy, hmmm?

Do Pomeranians need Bordetella Vaccines?

So – now for the shared facts about the kennel cough vaccine itself:

  • it comes as a shot, oral or nasal treatment
  • it purportedly lasts six months
  • it is only effective for up to 70% of dogs
  • it can actually cause the symptoms of kennel cough (though this is not considered a normal reaction to the vaccine, it is not infrequent)

I want to make something perfectly clear as an advocate for our furry babies, I am not against the Bordetella Vaccine for Pomeranians that are highly susceptible to contracting Kennel Cough or Bordetella. I want Pommy Mommies to think about why they are getting the vaccine. In a mostly healthy Pom that doesn’t get boarded or go to daycare it should be a choice to not have to get it. Something I would like you to consider… why in God’s green earth would you or I want to subject my Pomeranian to a vaccine that may cause the very sickness we are trying to defend against… I just wouldn’t take the risk if I wasn’t subjecting my Pomeranian to exposure. I want my furry baby to be healthy not encourage illness. Plus, there is no guarantee that the vaccine will work. Just like the human flu the vaccines can only protect very specific strains. There are 40 plus strains of Kennel Cough and the Bordetella vaccine only covers 10 – 14 strains. It doesn’t sound like an effective way to combat Kennel Cough now does it?

EnzymXIf you are feeding your Pomeranian a complete balanced diet, supplementing with coconut oil, using natural remedies, your Pomeranian is otherwise healthy and there are not exposed to other dog’s on a regular basis, there’s really no reason to try to get a preventative measure from your Vet and an extra expense.

For help in boosting your dog’s immune system to combat kennel cough or any of the Bordetella strains click here.