How to Comfort a Barking Pomeranian

By on September 20, 2013


When you tell someone that you have a Pomeranian the first thing that comes to their mind is “Oh, that’s the kind of dog that barks a lot right?” haha little do the “outsiders” know that Pomeranians usually only bark when there is something to bark at. A healthy Pomeranian should not bark without having a reason.

We have a special little “barker” at the Pommy Mommy house named Yoki! Upon rescuing my Pomeranian Yoki I found out she was shy, timid, squeamish, and just a scared little Pommy. For the past three years I have been doing daily therapy with her, helping her come out of her “puppy mill” shell. Yoki was in a cage her entire life with hundreds of other puppies until I rescued her. This kind of disturbing atmosphere can leave a harmful impression on anyone, let alone a little Pommy puppy.Yoki the Pomeranian

Her nervous behavior especially comes out when we have house guests over. There is nonstop barking that goes on with Yoki… It’s ear-wrenching. It’s a nonstop high pitched squealing bark/scream.

Living in Las Vegas we have several house guests that come to stay with us. The entire time our guests are over she will bark unless I hold her. Her barking was at the point that  Yoki was stressing herself out and disturbing our peace of mind. I knew that this wasn’t a normal kind of bark. We could have a house guest stay for a week and every time she saw them it was like she thought they were an intruder (coming to kidnap me…or something horrible.)
YokiI was at the end of my rope, not knowing what else to do I contacted Cricket, my Behavior Adjustment Trainer. She has worked “miracles” with Yoki in the past when I first rescued her. Teaching me how to bring her out of her shell more and more every day, this woman is amazing.

As you know I love using natural remedies and I did major research on how to calm and comfort an uneasy dog. I discovered two products that I just had to try. Cricket recommended these products and also gave me some very useful tips on what to do when people come over.



Cricket  suggested to avoid all contact with house guests as it is too much for Yoki to handle.  I put Yoki in the bedroom.  (This is the spot where she LOVES to be and feels comfortable.) It worked great. She recommended if your dog has a kennel or crate that they enjoy being in, that will be a good spot for them to go, as long as it’s away from the house guests. I put Yoki in the bedroom for up to 45 minutes. This was enough time for me to cook breakfast/dinner for the house guests. I’m sure I could have left her longer without her barking, but I didn’t want to leave her for longer than necessary.

Great Stress Relieving  Products 

DAP Plug in Diffuser.

dap-diffuserIt’s sorta looks like the wall flowers that bath and body works makes. The difference is the DAP diffuser does not make your home smell like yummy flowers, but it puts pheromones in the air to comfort your Pomeranian. This is also a great product to use if your Pomeranian stresses out when you leave the house. This diffuser worked great in the bedroom to comfort and keep Yoki calm when  house guests are over. They cover up to 500 sf, usually around $25.00 and last up to 4 weeks

rescue-remedyBach Rescue Remedy for Animals.

Wow! This is like “magic potion” in a tiny bottle! I purchased the dropper, because I figured that would be the easiest way to distribute the essence.  4 tiny drops on a treat and Yoki ate it right up! She actually loves it so much now, she’ll lick it right off my finger. I give the rescue remedy to her about 15-20 minutes before guests arrive and after they leave. Instead of running around and crying, Yoki is calm, relaxed and cuddling up in her blanket. Cricket said it’s not about how much you give, but how often. The drops can be diluted in water and the water drops can be given with the same effect. Diluting the drops can also be more cost effective.
I stay with Yoki in the room for a few minutes rubbing her back, and she’s so happy and calm. I found this at Whole Foods, and other health food stores. It’s $10-$20.00 depending on what size you purchase.

 imageCalming Music 

My trainer Cricket suggested that I put on calming music when Yoki is up in the bedroom. Loud enough to block some conversation. She suggested a soundtrack (that you can downloaded from Amazon) called “Through a Dogs Ear” It’s an hour of calming classical music. I also have Pandora linked up in the master bedroom so I put on a “Spa Music” station. The SPA station worked really well for her. I now tell Yoki that she is going up to her “Pommy Spa” when people come over.

yoki at the park with leash sleeve onFor me and Yoki, it’s been a journey. I’ve been consistent with using these products and finding a routine that works for her. There are several natural remedy’s for dogs on the market. Find what works best for your Pomeranian. With dedication and patience Yoki has become a much calmer and happier Pommy!

If you have a Pomeranian who needs to be comforted, using natural products like these is a great solution. These items have all been tested approved by Pommy Mommys Pomeranians!

Special thanks to Cricket for always providing the Pommy Mommy home with great information and tips! Find Cricket on Facebook here :

Alva Bradley says:

Our little Sissy is a Pommy. We are working on the barking at Male visitor. My grandson is a Senior in High School, so there are a lot of Young Men in and out. She never barks at women or Girls. I read your suggestions, so I will be trying these products.

Do you have a remedy for the dark tear lines under the eyes? I have heard of “Angle Eyes” does it work? also heard that giving her bottles water will also help?

teresa says:

Thank you for the idea with “relaxing” my little furry cream puff during driving time! My furry boy always gets an upset tummy much over a four mile drive, and he needed some baby basic classes 7 miles away and meet some other dogs while in class. After the drops he settled right down, enjoyed his seven mile ride to class and was better behaved and even had a little fun outside the house! It was such a positive afternoon for our cream puff and three kids! Not to be a proud fluff ball owner, but Blake was one of the better students, and the teacher kept calling all of the other dogs Blake, hmmmm Blake was just so cute and furry and well behaved against the other guys!

Pommy Mommy says:

Thank you so much for the feedback. I love that I’m able to help other Pommy Mommy’s through my experiences.

teresa says:

Dear Pommy Mommy,
I have a baby 6 month old boy who will be fixed next week, but I am flying in a month and anxious about that, so thank you for the advise with the droppers! I will try before the trip. Blake was very socialized from his breeder, but I’ve kept him indoors most of the time, except for play (he lives for football) but not socialized as well now. Our neighborhood has a lot of dog walkers off leash that are large breeds and chase the neighborhood cats–not good for my little pommy cat-dog. Thanks for the advise and I will try and report back. Love your blog, just found this morning!

Pommy Mommy says:

Congratulations on the new addition. I bought a dog stroller from Pet Gear specifically because we lived in a neighborhood kinda like yours so I would feel safe walking my precious puppies.

Spike's Mom says:

Spike has started randomly barking at nothing. He is going to be 4 in March. He will walk around barking for no reason that I can see. He doesnt need to eat or go outside. Its like he is just talking because he is bored. Any ideas or help?

Julie says:

I didn’t know Yoki was a puppy mill survivor! So is my pomeranian Rose! I am def looking into buying the rescue remedy, I’ve heard so much about it! Thank you so much for sharing, I absolutely love this blog! It’s like a community. Next time I’m at whole foods I’ll be sure to get it!

Janae Snyder says:

Thanks for the info. My 3 poms all freak out when people come over they have not met, they are very protective of me, they don’t like anyone to hug me or come too close they don’t know, they get over it after about 5 mins, but those 5 mins are a bark fest. My boyfriend always says they don’t do it if I am not home though? If they do know you they wont stop giving kisses but I think thats cute lol. I just order the rescue remedy from amazon, looking forward to trying it out.

Lori Perreca says:

Hi Pommy Mommy,

I have a 2 yr old Pom named Maximillion (Maxi). He has SEVERE separation anxiety. He goes insane when anyone tries to leave and jumps at the back of their legs, barking loudly. He also starts barking when anyone stands up or puts sunglasses on. When my fiance kisses me he also gets upset (Maxi adores him otherwise). He also will not allow a closed door between us and has to have me in his eye sight at all times. HELP!!!

Pommy Mommy says:

He sounds like my little Sophia. Barking is a very personal thing when it comes to a Pomeranian and their mommy and daddy. I would recommend hiring a dog trainer that specializes in small breeds to come see for him/herself so they could access the situation more completely.

susana says:

Hello pommy mommy I have a 4 year old beautiful girl that hates to go in the car she is fine once she gets to whatever place we r going but cries and paces while riding wich makes it really difficult to even take her to get groomed I wonder if any of those products would work on her any other tips I would appreciate it as it is nerve wrecking taking her out thanks

Pommy Mommy says:

Hello Susana,
I use these products before taking Yoki to the groomer as well! They are great to calm her nerves down. Cricket said you can also make a lavender essential mist as well. Few drops of lavender essential in a spray bottle filled with water. Mist it into the car before you go, as well as administering the rescue remedy. I have also found that rubbing Yokis back is a great way to calm her nerves too. Hope this helps! 🙂

Amy Murrills says:

I have a older pom who is 6 and a younger that will be two next month I also have a 17 year old but he is not a problem. My 6 year old can get a little hyper and excited nervous my soon to be 2 years does the same thing as yoki she has a loud squeaking bark. My question I have a fred meyer store and safeway can I find that remedie in the health section and would it work on both dogs one is hyper and the other one can get seperation anxity.

Pommy Mommy says:

Hi Amy!
I’m not familiar with those stores, so I would give them a call ahead of time and find out of they carry the product. If they don’t carry the products there, look into purchasing them on I would recommend using them on both dogs. 🙂 Make sure to put the dogs in an area where they feel comfortable, and give them a treat or a toy to play with too. It’s important to find a routine that works well for your dogs. The rescue remedy and DAP diffuser are just key pieces to the whole puzzle! 🙂 Good luck!

Larisa Daniels says:

Dear Pommy Mommy, I love your posts and Poms. Can you advise on thinning hair. My black/sable pom is healthy and energetic, but has been losing his hair all over his body. He is down to his undercoat except for his head and legs, and now I’ve noticed the leg hair is thining. The texture feels different too. I give him a heathy coat oil in bis food, and I’m taking him in to the vet for bloodwork tomorrow. There are also some patches where the skin is dark. Please help my baby Zay-Zay! I am frantic and scared.

Pommy Mommy says:

Hi Larisa!
Thanks for being apart of Pommy Mommy! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy the blog.
Thinning hair is common in Pomeranians, and there are several reason as to why this could be happening. I can advise you by giving you a link to a blog post that my guest blogger Lauren wrote for Pommy Mommy. Her pommy was loosing hair too. Here’s the link:
I would also make a visit to your vet too if you haven’t already.
Feel better Zay-Zay!

Elizabeth says:

Thank you so much for this article Pommy Mommy! This is something I need to work on with my Pom Cobi who is 18 months old. I’ve been working on many behavioral issues with him and this is the only one I have not been able to conquer with him but,I will be trying these ideas.
Thanks again,

Pommy Mommy says:

My pleasure Elizabeth! Good luck with Cobi, it’s always nice to be able to teach them when they are young! 🙂 Staying consistent is key!

Sarah says:

The dropper and pheromone thing sound super cool. I wonder if using the oil when I go on a walk with Juicer would be a good idea or not. It sounds to me, from the article, that it kinda makes them ‘wind down’. I’m really interested in why these things work. Like active ingredients and really what makes them tick.

Pommy Mommy says:

Hi Sarah,
I would suggest trying out one or two drops of the rescue remedy 30 minutes before taking Juicer on a walk. The more extreme the situation the more drops you use. I believe three drops is the max suggested. The drops give them more of a comforting feeling than a “sleepy” feeling. Hope this helps!