Maintain Pomeranian Grooming at Home

By on April 30, 2012

Pomeranian’s are best known for their “poof ball” like appearance. My three Pomeranian girls are no exception, they are all a bunch of fluff! Being a “Pommy Mommy” I know how important it is making sure they are well groomed on a regular basis. I take the girls to a professional dog groomer every five to six weeks to get a “bath and brush.”

In between grooming appointment’s I like to keep my Pomeranian’s looking their best. In order to do this I follow these FIVE easy steps to make sure the girls are always camera ready! Maintain Pomeranian Grooming

 Maintain Pomeranian Grooming


To clean your Pomeranian’s ears, apply ear cleaning solution or a few drops of warmed rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball and wipe any build up or dirt away from the ear. When cleaning your Pomeranian’s ears make sure not to vigorously rub the cotton ball or go in to far to the ear. This can cause damage to the ear.


Thankfully Pomeranian’s eyes are very easy to keep clean and tidy. I know it may sound a bit nasty, but in order to keep your dogs eyes looking beautiful you need to gently remove the eye boogies! Pomeranian’s can get a small brown eye booger buildup. The best way to remove these is to use warm water and a baby washcloth and simply remove the brown booger from the eye.


In order to keep the fluffy appearance Pomeranian’s need to be brushed! The best tool that I found for the job is a Shedding Rake.  I do a short brushing session (lasting no longer than 3-5 minutes) on the girls two to three times a week. The shedding rake significantly helps reduce everyday shedding.

Hair Bow or Scarf  & Fragrances

It goes without saying that I love to dress up my Pomeranian’s! By always making sure to change out hair bow’s once a week your are ensuring that your little one will always be camera ready! It also prevents the elastic from the bow to not mat around her fur. If the hair has matted to much you may have to cut the bow out. This may leave a small bald spot that could have been avoided by changing the bow.  For boy dogs there are many different colorful scarfs. Make sure to select a scarf that is the correct size to avoid injury. To top off your Poms look there are dog friendly fragrances that you can apply. They keep your dog smelling fresh and clean!


Make sure to purchase dog toothpaste and clean your Pomeranian’s teeth on a regular basis. Dog toothpaste usually comes in poultry based flavors or a peanut butter. By brushing your dogs teeth you are not only making sure they have fresh breath, but you are also keeping them healthy by not allowing tarter to build up and needing expensive dentals done by your veterinarian.

By making sure to follow these five easy steps to maintain Pomeranian grooming and your Pomeranian will always look and feel amazing!

Rina says:

Thank you for this great post on grooming !! Such valuable information .

Yvonne Buckey says:

I’ve had my little Zena for a year she is a mini black with just a few spots of white. She has been such a good friend to me, never had a dog of my own. She’s full of life ,she keeps me on my feet. Even when I don’t feel good, but she does bark a little too much. I read what to try on her thanks. I’m glad I checked this site out.

Pommy Mommy says:

I’m glad you checked us out too. I wrote a blog post about “How to Comfort Your Barking Pomeranian” here’s link to it:

Valeria Torres says:

Hello, i got my pom about 2 months ago. Hes a very playfull and charming dog but he just has one problem…he bites too too much, if you have any ideas on how i can stop the bitting would be great thanks and take care!

Donna White says:

I have a question, should I have mt poms shaved for the summer? My older pom pants alot.
Also should I clip the fur by the butt area, sometimes there is a little mess there.

Pommy Mommy says:

Shaving your Pom in the Summer is your preference. If you live where it’s hot and there’s no where to cool off then I would say yes. If you have your Pomeranian groomed regularly and the undercoat is brushed out I would say there is no reason. If your Pom pants more then usual try giving him more water as he needs it. We regularly cut what is known as the “potty path” between groomings to help eliminate the “messes” that will occasionally occur.

new_pommy_mommy says:

I just got a pommy and I want to keep her lookin her best at all time this will definitely help…but do u know about tral452:

Gwen S. Stubbs says:

Such valuable information… I have been needing information on cleaning my poms ears.

Missy says:

What is a good age to begin brushing your poms teeth? And at what age should I take her to be groomed? She is only six months is it too soon??

Pommy Mommy says:

This is taken from the Milford Animal Hospital website ” Brushing your puppy’s teeth between the ages of eight and sixteen weeks is critical and it will make the job easier when he is an adult. Buy toothpaste formulated for dogs. It’s flavored so dogs love the taste. Start with a little dab of toothpaste on your finger and let your puppy taste it. Then slip your finger under his upper lip and rub the toothpaste on his teeth. When you are finished, let your puppy have a food treat. Eventually buy an infant or child’s toothbrush or a toothbrush designed for dogs and begin brushing his teeth.

It is equally important to provide your puppy with things to chew on to assist in the cleaning process. Rawhide bones for medium to large puppies and pig’s ears for smaller puppies are great for cleaning the molars and premolars. If you cannot brush his teeth and especially if he won’t chew on rawhide or other dental chew items, he will probably need to have his teeth professionally cleaned when he is about three years old. The more often you can brush your dog’s teeth, the less often he will have to have his teeth professionally cleaned by your veterinarian. A little extra effort now will save you a lot of expense in the future.” … and I totally agree. We had very big problems with our Girls when they came to us regarding their dental health. Brushing and regular dentals are essential. Speak to your Vet to how often he/she thinks a professional dental cleaning should take place.

pommypenny says:

This is a great post on pommy grooming.

Pommy Mommy says:

Glad you enjoy exploring the Pommy Mommy Blog!